Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Now I am Found

I never stop amazing myself, I guess that is why I have such a big head. LOL

Ok seriously, I am on a running challenge from a complete stranger. Some unknown person on Twitter AKA skdickey. I wonder if she knows I lived in the Chitown burbs for about 4 years. You can read about her latest adventure here. She challenged everyone to 30 days of running. I am not sure if anyone but me took her up on the challenge but oh well, I did.

I am on my 9th day in a row of running or walking at least 3 miles. I have 34miles in so far this month. This past year for the Knoxville Half marathon I trained for 3 months and only did 42,75 and 43 miles before the event. I ran 1:43 for my first ever Half. I realize this type of training will not help my time, but it is sure putting some endurance in my legs.

I am planning on competing in the last event of the year down here a duathlon on 10/18
Atomic Duathlon
Two 4k runs with a 30k bike in the middle. This will end up being a serious sprint, I can feel the pain already!
I have a new pair of training shoes to put to the test. I have ran the last two days in them. Forefoot striking vs heel strikers. Take a look at how sexy they are

So this year, I want to finish a full. I am looking for fellow runners to join me in Myrtle Beach this Feb, for my first marathon. I already have two joining me. My bro in law will be coming down from Ohio and a fellow co-worker who is a Boston vet. I would love to get a response from all those runners out in twitterville.

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