Monday, February 15, 2010

To Be or Not To Be?

That is the question of the month.
This weekend I took a trip to Myrtle Beach to run in the 13 yr of the MB marathon. I had high hopes this race would not only make me an official marathon runner, but also enable me to set a solid PR in case I never run another 26.2
You see, I put marathon training right up there with ironman training. Lonely and time consuming runs make up each week. I had at least 20 weeks of training over winter leading up to this race. I was ready and just about to sharpie my split goals on my arm when -
It happened, the race was cancelled! 10:30 the night before the event! Yes, tell me I was having a nightmare due to snow at Myrtle Beach the event was cancelled for the next day. Now I grew up where snow is very common and we didn't even cancel school until the morning. Why was it so important to cancel the night before??? Below are my consolation prizes
On my way out of town at 9:30am, you can see the horrible conditions of the roads. Notice the wet pavement, we could have been really injured by the puddles splashing into our eyes.

I am sure delaying the race a couple of hours was not an option. HAHA
I was, am and still pissed about the way the whole thing went down. Too many people had too much invested in this to just cancel the event! How about run the next day? Ur are shitting me right , when you say the celebration party will still happen at the house of blues! You even offered to give us a finishers medal there? I may not yet be a marathoner, but I do have common sense. Let me see, give you more of my hard earned money or just get the hell out of dodge.
Now this brings me to the question- Will I become a marathoner? I need to stay pumped up because in 6 weeks I am to run in the Knoxville marathon. It is hilly and will be a very solid test of my will and strength. Most of the people I know (Phil, David) have chickened out and are running the half. Only a few people I know are running the full.
Check out this link to Operation jack, Sam is staying with my family for the weekend. He is taking a year and running 60 marathons in 52 weeks. He is doing this to help fight Autism, his son Jack is his inspiration.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Open Letter To Heather Gollnick

I had an exciting day this past Sat. I hit a 4mi pace run @7:35 ave and then headed to the Knoxville convention center for the Healthy Living Expo. I had two specific goals to accomplish while there.

First was to get my daughter to the stage to see her friend's dance recital and second, was to meet Heather Gollnick. For those who do not know Heather, she is a 5 time Full Iron Distance Champion and 2 time Half Iron Champion.

If you have no idea what that means, it means she is a bad ass momma. That is the special thing about her, read about her life challenges and what drives her by clicking on her name above. Here I am trying to remain calm while posing for a pic.

OK so for the open letter part of this post:

I would like to extend an open invitation to come to Knoxville and ride the course for the Rev3 and in addition, I will take you and heather on a ride of your life in the GSMNP. I will provide a SAG in case one of us wants to take a break. The riding here is outstanding and I am betting we could get in a great 3 day smashfest.
I have a entire floor of my house you may use to stay on if you choose. It has a bedroom w /king bed, full bath, mini kitchen, 52" TV and computer. We also have 3 double air matresses for family if needed.
This would be a great time for Tara to ride, swim and run the course.

The last highlight of the day, was hearing Tara Costa took back her life. Her message was simple, in order to be healthy you have to want to be healthy. You are in control of your choices, eating, exercising and relationships. When you are finally ready to choose the healthy and positive ones, you will change your lifestyle forever. Make yourself happy before trying to please others! Sphere: Related Content