Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NYC 26.2

Oh I did it again, yes I just signed up to run the NYC Marathon for Team Fat Cyclist. Many of you remember last year I rode in the Livestrong challenge Philly for Team Fatty. We raised over 800k for the fight against cancer last year. Get ready, I will be begging everyone for donations.

This year Team Fat Cyclist is at it again, we are riding in all the Livestrong events and around 12 of us will be running the NYC 26.2! I have thrown my name in the hat.

Am I up for this kind of pain again? Yes, because I know I can run faster than fatty! Last year he went off the front at Philly for a good reason. He also trains at 5,500-7,500 ft elevation. He looked at me last year while I was suffering an made the comment how nice it was to still be nose breathing, sea level is great he says! We will see this year big boy.

Oh wait a min. Fatty is an Ironman now. Shit, there is no way I can run with him and The Runner. They are Bad ASS Ironman

Below is the response that just came over my email. Wait, what does this mean? I have to wait and see if I am selected.

Dear Robert,
Thank you for applying to fund raise on behalf of the LAF in one of our Team LIVESTRONG endurance events! We have received your application and will be reviewing all submissions in the coming days. Once we have chosen the recipients of our guaranteed spots, we will notify you right away.
Thank you,LAF Fundraising Staff

I understand, Fatty will hand pick the runners. There is only one reason he wouldn't pick me, he is worried my thighs will be bigger and more defined than his!

Here he is showing off those legs prior to last years event. I think he was trying to scare Chris Carmichael

Last year this is how I rolled to Philly 12 hrs

Here I am running my first Half Mary in cotton. Yes my nipples were raw. This was before Twin Six produced their spectacular line of Team fatty running gear.

P.S. I just wanted to look like Kenny

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