Thursday, November 12, 2009


I could not help myself and had to post this well written article

Three Tennessee Players Arrested, Charged With Attempted Armed Robbery
Posted Nov 12, 2009 1:00PM By Clay Travis (RSS feed)
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Less than a day after Lane Kiffin bragged that no football players had been arrested in 11 months at Tennessee, that record came tumbling down. In a big way. According to police at 1:43 Thursday morning, three freshmen on Tennessee's football team, safety Janzen Jackson, wide receiver Nu'Keese Richardson, and defensive back Mike Edwards, were arrested and charged with attempted arm robbery. The trio allegedly attempted to rob three men parked in a 1998 Hyundai Elantra at a Pilot gas station on Knoxville's Cumberland Avenue. One of the football players reportedly brandished an air pistol while wearing a black hoodie and demanded money. Another football player wearing a black hoodie opened the other door. The three men said they had no money, at which point the football players fled in a 2010 Toyota Prius driven by a woman, 22-year-old Marie Montmarquet. Police later pulled over the Prius near the Gibbs Hall dormitory, uncovered two black hoodies, an air pistol, and led the men back to the Pilot gas station where they were identified by their would-be victims. Immediately the Internets exploded. Here was a story that offered the improbable combination of crime vehicle -- 2010 Toyota Prius, location -- the Vols' attempted robbery was in the parking lot of the gas station, Pilot, that is owned by UT's most prominent booster, an air pistol and two of the most famous recruits from the 2009 football season. Let's dive in.I've decided to itemize some observations, a Starting 11 for the arrest, from me, Twitter and others via e-mail about this incident. Why? Because in the modern era, when no one is injured by the stupidity of others, public shaming is the weapon of choice. It's amazing how rapidly the reactions poured in from the moment I woke up this morning and turned on the iPhone. First came the reports of the arrest and well, then came the jokes. 1. Janzen Jackson is starting at safety for the Vols as a true freshman. He's been dominant. A few weeks ago I wrote that he might kill someone on the field before his career is done. If we remove three words from the previous sentence, that still might be true. How much money did Jackson cost himself? He's going to be a first-round draft pick if he just keeps from getting arrested for a felony for the next two years. Leading to this imagined conversation. Kiffin: "Janzen, in two years you'll get $18 million guaranteed." Janzen: "But I really needed $18 now, Coach."2. How to attempt a robbery and get caught. This should be a seminar taught by Pahokee grads at Tennessee:a. Wear UT football gearb. Commit robbery just off campus for which you are wearing gearc. Rob the most highly trafficked gas station parking lot in Knoxvilled. In one of the only 2010 Toyota Priuses on campuse. Select as victim, someone driving a 1998 Elantraf. Use an air-pellet gung. Stay in car after failed robberyh. Keep all objects used in robbery in carI. Plead not guilty and have your lawyer condemn judgment, "Before all the facts are out."3. Best email of the morning, from a South Carolina fan, "We pump the gas and then you rob us?!"4. I've been calling Nu'Keese Richardson, who Kiffin memorably stole from Urban Meyer and Florida, Helen of Troy. As in, he's the apostrophe that loosed a thousand ships. But now that analogy is strained. This is like Helen of Troy going up to Hector and stealing his loincloth just as he prepared to fight Achilles. I know, someone else read The Iliad, right?Right?Moving right along. 5. Tweet via my buddy Spencer Hall over at, "Got my team gear on/So you know this be us/ get the cash game right/ take off in the prius"Yep, that's a new Lil' Wayne lyric. 6. Kiffin's penalty checklist:Positive: no excess carbon emissionsNegative: attempted armed robbery7. Will M. tweeted: "This kinda gives new meaning to 'Nu'Keese on the Block.' huh?" To which I responded, "Yes, Joey McIntyre has more street cred than Nuke does."8. Andy D. did tweet one shining light: "Remember when boosters just gave players money?"No kidding. And, of course, there's a booster connection, Jim Haslam, UT's most prominent athletics booster, owns the Pilot gas station where the attempted robbery occurred. 9. My friend Junaid, a UT grad who managed not to attempt a robbery through four years of undergrad, emailed the following:"I think we should buy that Pilot gas station and the Rocky Top Market and tear them down. All our guys get arrested there."It's true. That area on Cumblerand Avenue is like the Bermuda Triangle for UT athletes, go there frequently enough and you vanish from Knoxville without a trace. See: Banks, James.10. It only takes one Nu'Keese mistake to ruin the name for the rest of us. And robbing someone while wearing UT gear is more than enough. Second best email: "Who robs a college student? 'We got some zigzags, an expired food handlers card, a visa cash card with $17.48 on it, and a Subway card needing one last sticker.'"Third best email, "Who would have ever believed that a guy named Nu'Keese wouldn't always walk the straight and narrow."11. No truth to the rumor that Kiffin wanted black jerseys so the players could more effectively rob at night. Again, there's no truth to it, none. ...Remember back when I said I hated Twitter in the summer? I've done a complete 180. I absolutely love it now. Follow me here. From the you can't even make this stuff up, one of the attempted robbers, Mike Edwards, has his own Twitter feed. His handle? @RealGeniusMikeSatire, thy only foe is truth. And air-pellet guns. Sphere: Related Content

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Day and a New Baby

Today is a strange day for me, I feel tired yet strong. This weekend I ran on both Sat. and Sun.
I also swam for the first real distance in 5 months. It actually didn't feel bad. Now I have a little secret, I have been doing twice a week 9mins of straight arm pull downs in the gym trying to get some shoulder strength/endurance that would be swimming specific. I can only assume this helped me not to feel like a flounder in the water. Or I cheated and used a pull bouy you choose. I will be mixing in a couple of days per week of swimming over the next 2 months. I then will step it up to 4 days a week after the Mary.

Why would I be doing this? Well it is simple, I am doing another triathlon. Which one you ask, Check this out! Yes, it will draw many a pro into Knoxvegas and it will be fast. This is why I will be doing the Olympic distance. I want to have time to enjoy the atmosphere. If we get lucky, the Orler family will get to host a pro in out home. Just this weekend I saw Luke, 8:38:38 McKenzie Ironman champion at the Vols game. His girl gave him away with the Powerbar branded fleece vest. Not many a chick from TN sporting sponsered clothing. If they do, it is Orange. I would assume he got out for a ride on Sunday, the weather was perfect. He was there with Speedy Eric Bell. Eric is an Olympic hopeful for 2012. Eric runs 32mins 10k off the bike, that is smokin.

I am not sure why I have once again inserted this pic into the blog, I think I look like a way too thin cross dressing prisoner in a concentration camp. I guess I did it for the spirit of Halloween.

Great news this weekend, the core team has a new rider, Owen joined us this Sat. already watched his first UTenn Vols game that night. He said, "stinky vols Buckeyes are the best"
Welcome to the team Owen, dad has your bike.

Now for the serious part, I am entering into week 4 of my training and it is beginning to get serious. 31 miles this week. It ramps up to 3- 50 miles weeks separated by 2-34mi weeks.
The first big week is the week of xmas. Great I will be in Chicago, what are the odds I will get weather nice enough to run outdoors. Anyone have an indoor track around Darien, Naperville area. I will need to keep my eye focused on my training!
This is my focused eye
If I can hold true to my workout plan, I believe I will post a satisfying first marathon time. I hope to have the determination of this slow rider!

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Not So Much

What does that title mean?

Well, for many it could be a sign of unpleasant things. For others it could be a sign of dislike.
For me, it has lately been the attitude toward writing this blog. I am not sure why, but I have been more interested in that damn twitter than posting here.

I have things going on with the family and fitness but I have just not had many epic events lately.
I will mention I ran 103 miles in the month of September on a bet I couldn't run at least 3mi / day every day of Sept.
I lost but not really because I won running endurance in my legs. Enough to make me decide I would run the Myrtle beach Marathon in Feb '10. So honey, if you haven't already, start making plans for a spring trip.

One of the interesting things about this is that my brother in law and a co- worker are also penciled in for this race. My bro in law has some wild excuse about how it's hard for him to run in 3ft snow and ice of Cleveland , Oh.
I also have a couple of freinds who I have not seen in over 20yrs but grew up with who I believe are training to come as well. So for now, I am counting 4 runners in the 26.2 and one possible 13.1
That is if John mans up and gets it done.
I am still hoping that Dawson from the lunch team will also step up and get his long runs in. For peets sake he just completed a 70.3 Half Ironman last weekend. Sphere: Related Content

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Now I am Found

I never stop amazing myself, I guess that is why I have such a big head. LOL

Ok seriously, I am on a running challenge from a complete stranger. Some unknown person on Twitter AKA skdickey. I wonder if she knows I lived in the Chitown burbs for about 4 years. You can read about her latest adventure here. She challenged everyone to 30 days of running. I am not sure if anyone but me took her up on the challenge but oh well, I did.

I am on my 9th day in a row of running or walking at least 3 miles. I have 34miles in so far this month. This past year for the Knoxville Half marathon I trained for 3 months and only did 42,75 and 43 miles before the event. I ran 1:43 for my first ever Half. I realize this type of training will not help my time, but it is sure putting some endurance in my legs.

I am planning on competing in the last event of the year down here a duathlon on 10/18
Atomic Duathlon
Two 4k runs with a 30k bike in the middle. This will end up being a serious sprint, I can feel the pain already!
I have a new pair of training shoes to put to the test. I have ran the last two days in them. Forefoot striking vs heel strikers. Take a look at how sexy they are

So this year, I want to finish a full. I am looking for fellow runners to join me in Myrtle Beach this Feb, for my first marathon. I already have two joining me. My bro in law will be coming down from Ohio and a fellow co-worker who is a Boston vet. I would love to get a response from all those runners out in twitterville.

Who is up for this challenge??? Sphere: Related Content

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little Lost

This is how I am feeling these days. I am not training for anything at the moment and I feel lost. To ride without purpose and to run without a plan seems just silly. I know one thing, if I don't start training for something soon, I will need to get new pants. Today I weighed 170 lbs and my race weight is around 160-162.

I am participating in a 10lbs in 10 weeks weight lose challenge through Twitter. So far I think I am down 1 lb in 2 weeks.
This weekend was a big Ironman weekend. Both IM Canada and IM Louisville were on Sunday. twitter was on fire with updates. Twitter has changed the way events are followed. Opening a new world to sports who do not or can't afford TV prices.
I found this on my phone, not sure who took it. Looks to be the Cherohala Challenge.

I am working on making race and personal challenge plans for next year. To start the year off , I have been looking into running a marathon and am not yet ready to make the commitment. I am close though. I have to convince myself to just finish and not worry about how fast. Then, I will run the Knoxville half for a PR. I hope to post sub 1:35. See again already setting time goals. I don't understand why I must put so much pressure on this old body to perform. I am 39 yrs old and deserve to relax.
Too bad I got my ass kicked here vs relaxing! Live and learn

I have to keep telling myself you lazy SOB you laid on the couch for 18yrs watching football drinking beer and eating pizza, quit kicking yourself in the ass for not being the fastest or the strongest climber or when you body tells you no more.

Next , I want to compete in the Rev3 Triathlon here in Knoxville. Real big deal to get such a large pro event in Knox Vegas. I am leaning toward the Olympic distance, this way I will be able to still enjoy the event and celebrate as others finish the 70.3
Training buddys, my first ever tri.

We were hoping to get a club discount for the event, but turns out the club doesn't have a 501c status or some shit like that. Isn't a group of triathletes who train together and suffer together enough to make a club. We all signed up on a club sign up sheet? How about it Revs can you cut a local CLUB from Knoxville a break?

So here it is the official/unofficial race calender for SlowRider 10' I am sure more will be added later. Smaller runs and of coarse the normal list of cycling events. This is just the abnormal race events.

This is what I looked like after my first ever 1/2 marathon. Pulled calf muscle, nipple burn form the shirt but proud as hell I ran with a WIN spirit. 1:43 result.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The perfect get anything bike

Check out this site, they are making some way cool bikes Sphere: Related Content

Monday, August 24, 2009

LiveStrong Philly

What a week! After a long hard week of work, I took Friday to drive to Philadelphia. The LiveStrong Challenge 2009

The team I was part of raised over $275,000 yes 197 team members. This is only the Philly ride, Team Fatty has a team at each ride this year. I believe the total so far is over 700k raised by our team. Our team alone raised close to 9% of the total take. Yes 197 individuals vs 6, 300 others.

It doesn't hurt when your leader kicks in some great giveaways.

It all started with Ray ray baking this double thick delicious cake for all of Team Fatty to carb up on Sat. afternoon. He carries a big knife in his car in case anyone is wondering.

The Team gathered but no Philly Jen so we waited. Then out of the elevator Elden shows up. He says a few words and he cuts the cake. It was quite evident Susan took care of this task in the past. His pieces were about 6" by 6". Luckily Ray Ray baked enough for 400 team members.

Yes, I had to get a pic with the man himself. I would like to make a note of something, Eldon claims to weigh around my weight. I am sorry when I stood next to him I was noticeably larger, well taller. This only means he carries his weight differently. It will make sense, just hold on

The morning of the ride, the team assembles at the 100mi corral. Eldon gets onto his soap box and begins to flex his thighs!!! Yes, I think in this picture he is calling himself the God of Thunder Thighs. Now you see where he carries his weight. The problem for me was that they are all muscle

The team was lead by no other than Philly Jen, she kept taking these funny pictures. I think she is a closet comedian. She swore no more open mouth pictures. Thanks for all you did!!!

Here you see Michael and me wondering how we would stay awake for the 12 hr drive home.

Something looks dunlaped over in this pic.

Here is E.G. I met him, but he won't remember. He was too busy talking to the Nissan booth girls! Oh E.G. you made a Buckeye Alum very sad.
He was one solid man, but I think this was his first cycling experience. I never saw him again.

The ride was great, we went out fast and hard. It started uphill and didn't stop. The 70 mi ride climbed 5,105 ft. The LAF messed this one up. I rode with the lead pack for about 25 miles. Fatty was in that pack, it seems living at 5,000 ft and riding up to 8,000ft give one super human strength at sea level. Oh those HUGE muscular thighs didn't hurt. Also in this group was College (Lance's Famous Friend) and Chris Carmichael former Olympian and Lance's coach. There calf's were the size of my thighs.
I new I was going to turn at the 70 mile cut, so no need to kill myself getting there. At mile 30 i began to have some calf cramps. This was very odd , I don't ever recall cramping before mi 85. I had taken my salts before the ride, since I was only doing the 70mi course, i didn't bring any with. I stopped at the 35 mi rest and saw the Pizza kitchen workers making PB & J's. They fed me the night before. At that stop there were 3 other riders. I am assuming split from the front group. I filled one bottle and hit headed out. I wish had the time to do the 100mi but work called. The next 35 miles were solo, as hard as my cramping legs, thighs and calf's would take me. The best part of the ride were by far the last 20 miles. This is were the 45 mi route joined. I was able to ride with many survivors. This by far was the best part. Each one gave me a little more energy to push on. I finished in 3:55

This little Devil was waiting at the top of one of the hills.
Also I would like to give a shout out to the Chick who dropped me on mile 30, Good luck in KONA. Yes, she qualified at the Rhode Island Half with a 4:43 or something. Her calfs were sculpted and she was strong. Just out on a training ride she said.
One more shout out to the guy that threw is chain on the hill at mile 29. That was a smooth landing. He was climbing a 18 percent grade and tried to drop to the bottom ring. In a split second, he was doing the TURTLE on the hill. He popped up hoping no one saw. Man he was Pissed. Sphere: Related Content

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time To Cut The Cake

Here I am in Philly for the LiveStrong Challenge. 10.5 hr drive and I am pumped up for Team Fatty. Today at 3pm the team had a member who baked a huge Team Fatty cake. I will post a picture later. We waited for Philly Jen to come down to cut the cake and to everyone's surprise, Elden also came. He cut the team some big ass pieces and we all talked and met the fat Cyclist.
By the way he is not fat but he is still very sore from his spill in the Leadville 100. After I spoke to him, I introduced myself to Philly Jen, the teams captain. She told me that as they came into the parking lot, Elden saw my truck and took a picture for his blog. Why my truck you may be asking, well on the way here I stayed awake looking for others making the trek. I decided to go old school and paint my windows. So after a quick stop at Wal Mart, here is what the truck looked like.
Tomorrow morning will come fast, I am off to nap and then some pizza. With 2,000 or so riders taking off tomorrow, wish me luck that I do not end up like this guy.
By the way, Team fatty will be the front group in the ride. Is that cool or what!
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Breaking Up With Baby

It has been a long time coming, it is time to break up with Baby!

This is going to be a very bad time in my life, I will need support from all my closest friends. I know that I will end up pushing the limits of friendship during these next few weeks. All I ask for is your patients and understanding. My moods will swing like a 17yr old girl, and I will be crabby just like Mr. crab
The relationship has just fizzled out, you know the candle is out of wax. Our timeline has run it's course. We have had out good times and bad, well not many bad times.
The rumors have been out there for some time about the effects baby has on my well being.
My life may never be as sweet, but who knows?

I am not talking about this kind of Baby, I am talking about artificial sweetener Splenda!

I am sorry baby, you are officially out of my life.
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Thursday, August 13, 2009


I realize many of you do not know anything about my daughter Olivia. I would like to take this time to introduce my daughter to you.
Olivia is 9 yrs old and a very talented and gifted young lady. Sound like what all dads would say, but this is true. She is patient, determined, creative and caring. She is a budding artist and doesn't know it. She has a talent for drawing and art. She also possesses a strong desire to jump horses and someday own her own horse.
Today is Olivia's day, not for prizes or gifts but another day of great news. News good enough to celebrate. You see, today, Olivia had an appointment with her Cardiologist.
Yes, that is right 9yrs old and she has had her very own Cardiologist for 6 yrs. At the age of 3 she went into congested heart failure and was diagnosed with dilated (congestive) cardiomyopathy.

Olivia has a rather large collection of American girl dolls and horses. She even had a birthday party at the American Girl store in Chicago.

Yes, that is the same thing the lady from beaches the movie had.
But today, Olivia got great news. You see last visit, her heart function slipped to 28. That is lower than we would like.

Today, her heart was measured at 32. Her left ventricle is borderline normal for size. We are pleased with today's results and Jennifer is very happy with our doctor here. We go back every 6 months for a cardioechogram.

First Communion with Aunt Carla and Uncle Mark.

Here is a picture from 3 yrs ago, first week in Knoxville, Tn
Looks like the zoo. Olivia and Cousin Alyssa are having fun

Olivia and grandpa Jim, Olivia has always had a love for little stuffed animals.

This is a long time ago, 2004 Olivia is 4, James 5
Wooster, Ohio

Now look at here, last month she competed in her first Horse show. She brought home one first and two other ribbons. Look mom no hands. Dad is so proud, but we still can't buy a horse sorry Olivia.

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Monday, August 10, 2009


Many of you know I am headed to Philly in a couple of weeks to ride in the LiveStrong Challenge

but do you know what or who has motivated me to work so hard this year? This is the post of Elden Nelson "AKA FatCyclist" This is why I fight. I pray never to have to go through what the Nelson family has experienced. I pray someday cancer can be a forgotten word. I find it hard to believe so many people, even in the states, do not know what LiveStrong is or about. Please click on the link and find a new world of support. Maybe you will one day ride with me.

Susan Nelson
08.7.2009 1:05 pm
Yesterday was long. It started with a meeting at the funeral home, taking care of the business end of Susan’s funeral. Then I worked for a while on the program for the funeral itself. Then I took my boys to buy us suits.
And then, when I got home, there was a big chunk of the core team, hanging out at my house and ready to go for a ride. I have great friends.
Then I wrote Susan’s obituary for the local newspaper. As I did that, I realized a few things. First, that I had more to say about Susan than what I could fit in an obituary (especially since the newspaper charges me $3.50 per line). Second, that more people who care about Susan read my blog than are likely to get the Deseret News (a Utah-wide newspaper). And finally, I wanted to make sure that any of my readers who are able to make it to the funeral have the information they need to get there.
And if you’re not able to make it to the funeral, well, what I’m writing here will be pretty much the same thing, but with a lot fewer stutters and stammers.

Susan Ellen Nelson
Susan Ellen Nelson (born Reeve) passed away August 5, 2009, after a long and hard-fought battle with breast cancer. She finished her life at home, at peace, and with her family: her husband Elden, sons Nigel (15) and Brice (13) and twin daughters Katie and Carrie (7).
Susan was born September 15, 1966 in Columbus, Ohio, to Richard and V. Karen Reeve, the first of three children. Susan’s sisters are Celia Reeve and Christine Krueger.
We Meet and (Very Soon After) Marry

The best place for me to really start telling Susan’s story, though, is when we met. Specifically, we met April 27, 1988. My college roommate was engaged to one of Susan’s roommates, and I was along for the ride when he stopped by her apartment.
When I saw Susan, I was immediately stricken. In addition to her general hotness, she had eyes that conveyed her smile so perfectly. Plus, I really liked her dark red hair.
I was not the kind of person to ask girls out on dates without spending time getting courage up, but in this case I made an exception.
When I went to pick Susan up the next day, I did a double take — her hair color was now blaze-orange. Which I also liked, but was confused.
As it turns out, Susan was in cosmetology school at the time — she wanted to learn hair as a skill to put in her quiver for her love of stage makeup — and her hair would change style and color roughly twice a week through our courtship.
Our courtship, by the way, didn’t take long. We married on August 13, 1988 in the LDS Los Angeles Temple — about 3.5 months after we met.
After twenty one years (this Thursday) of a truly happy marriage, I can’t help but be amazed that I made such a good choice so quickly.
Before long, Susan went back to college, finishing her BA in Classical Civilizations at BYU. Here, I learned about Susan’s incredible gift of memorizing. For her upper-level Latin classes (yes, at one point Susan could speak Latin), Susan would memorize page after page of Latin and their English translations.
I would tease her about the practicality of learning Latin, but Susan wasn’t really in school for the language. She loved history and mythology, whether it be ancient Greek or modern JRR Tolkien (or, eventually, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) — if Susan became interested in something, she immersed herself in it and quickly became an expert.
Family First
While Susan loved history and mythology and stagecraft and art — and took to any and all of these quickly and naturally — once we started having children, she threw herself into being a mom with patience and energy. And I see many things I love about Susan in each of our four children:

Nigel has Susan’s patience and creativity. Like Susan, Nigel really never gets angry. They’re both calm in every circumstance. And like Susan, Nigel loves to draw, although he has taken this ability in new directions — on the computer — which Susan always loved to see. Like Susan, Nigel is happiest when he is creating something.

Brice has Susan’s love of reading and learning. As Susan lost the ability to get around, she and Brice spent more time together than anyone else in the family, reading out loud to each other for hours. Like Susan, Brice has the ability to bring text to life. When he reads aloud, everyone in the family gathers around. Like Susan, Brice is a perfectionist, and always turns in (much) better work than is required.

Katie and Carrie: I don’t know if identical twins usually have identical talents, but both Katie and Carrie — in addition to looking very much like Susan’s pictures from when she was a little girl — are artistic whirlwinds. Like Susan, they love to draw and paint and sculpt and paper-piece and anything else that lets them create with their hands. The day Susan introduced them to the fundamentals of jewelry making was a watershed moment for them of Keppleresque proportions. But Katie and Carrie have different art emphases — Katie loves to draw, Carrie likes to make things — and watching and helping the girls develop their different talents was one of Susan’s greatest pleasures.
Susan has left me with four smart, kind, and creative children. This is almost certainly her greatest legacy.

Arts and Crafts and a Novel
Susan was a talented artist, entering her Freshman year of college as a scholarship art student. Her interests in art varied and grew, from pen and ink to paper piecing to sophisticated scrapbooking projects. Susan published several scrapbooking articles in magazines, and even had a monthly column in one.
In the past five years or so, Susan’s interest in art moved to jewelry making. In particular, Susan loved twisting, shaping, and melting silver wire into beautiful and complex bracelets and necklaces. Even as cancer took her ability to walk away, Susan remained positive — from her easy chair, she could still wield her acetylene torch.
As she was forced to spend more time seated, Susan had the idea to write a young adult-oriented novel. While many would think this was just too daunting a task, Susan simply got to work, outlining, writing, and editing her first novel. Chemo and radiation and the cancer itself would often make it difficult for her to write, but she continued, encouraged by the fact that teenage girls from around the neighborhood demanded that she keep writing so they could see what happens next.
Susan’s novel is within a few pages of completion. Susan told me what happens in the end, and I may do my best to finish it for her and see if I can honor her by bringing it to publication.

For a more detailed telling of Susan’s battle with cancer, you may want to read a recent post, Fighting Like Susan. The brief version is that Susan fought cancer for more than five years. She endured a mastectomy — and moving shortly afterward with twin toddlers in tow. She endured chemo. She endured a hip replacement. She endured radiation multiple times, and more chemo.
And when there was nothing left we could do, Susan endured — for months and years longer than anyone expected — assault after assault by cancer on her body: bones, lungs, and brain.
And throughout, she remained herself: creative, focused, and kind.
And also — very importantly — she was brave.
In an act of constant courage, Susan agreed to let me tell her story, as it happened. Because of this, thousands of people, all around the world, were inspired to take up her fight against cancer.
And I mean “thousands” very literally. More than 500 people — people she never met in real life — joined her namesake LiveStrong Challenge team, raising money to fight cancer. And those 500 people — along with many, many others, have raised well above half a million dollars in the past half year.
When I ask myself, “What could be the purpose — the point — of Susan having cancer?” I think that Susan proved something essential: sometimes we have to make our own purpose from the circumstances we’ve been given.
And if you consider that people have emailed me saying that, inspired by Susan’s story, they have decided to join the fight against cancer, or they have quit smoking, or they have decided to be brave and get a mammogram — well, that’s a powerful purpose.
The money we have raised in her name will help in the fight against cancer, but Susan’s legacy goes way beyond that. It is, in fact, immeasurable.
Funeral and Donations
Funeral services will be held Monday, August 10, 2009 at 10:00 a.m., with a gathering at 9:00 a.m. at the LDS Chapel located at 890 N. Main St, Alpine, UT 84004 (Official address is different, but this address will get you to the right spot).
In lieu of flowers, please donate via Paypal or send donations to Elden Nelson, 407 Quincy Ct., Alpine, UT 84004. Donations will be used for the Nelson children’s education funds.
PS: One of the most touching tributes I’ve seen on the web is the Twin Six home page. And so maybe you can imagine how I felt this morning, when, on a ride to the top of the Alpine Loop, I saw this at the summit:

As well as this, at the “half-mile to the top, start going fast if you can” marker:

And there was another, at the finish line for the toll-booth sprint (Dug beat me by a bike length by the way).
Whoever did this, thank you.
PPS: To the more than 2000 of you who have left comments and sent email since I left the short post about Susan dying, thank you. I haven’t read all your comments yet; I tend to dip in and read until I’m too choked up to continue. I will get through them, and I appreciate everyone reaching out the way you have.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Haunted Hike

Friday I decided Justin, my 6 yr old, and I would go hiking and camping on Sat. The weather looked shaky at best, with 2" of heavy rain forecasted after 12 midnight. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this adventure, but Justin sure was.

He was very excited about the hike. We first had to decide what he would eat for dinner. Amazingly he choose a Noodle and Chicken freeze dried meal I had been saving. I wasn't sure he would eat it once it as cooked, so I packed some bagels and a peanut butter sandwich for backup.

We drove up to Cades Cove to check in with the rangers. On the way up a baby black bear cub ran in front of out truck. It looked very cute, Justin was amazed. I felt like Grizzly Adams. We had decided to stay the night at back country campsite #12. or those of you who know the park, it is about 2 miles up Gregory ridge trail, off of Parsons Branch Rd.

As we arrived at the trail head, another couple were sitting in their car looking at the map. They were wondering if they should attempt the hike up and down to Gregory bald. It was about 2pm and they would be pushing the limit on light. The Bald is about 6 miles and 2,700 ft of climbing.

All four of us started out together, shortly Justin's legs couldn't keep up. We had a much shorter hike and there were way too many bugs and animals to see on the way. He was amazed to see so many Daddy Long Legged spiders.

The hike is really nice, it follows a small creek the whole way. The only issue was this small creek, after as much rain as we have had, has grown to a fast moving violent creek. On the hike, we have to cross the creek three times on a small one person tree limb. As we approached the first crossing I realized, even though it was warm, If Justin fell into the stream it would be bad. I attempted to catch up to him but before I knew it, he was rushing across the bridge. I raced behind him and we crossed without incident. For the next two crossings, I was sure to have a hold of him. Sorry Mommy, I know I should have been closer.

After the first bridge the hike goes uphill and away from the stream for a bit. Then when you closer to the camp, you drop back down to the stream for the 2nd and 3rd crossing. We made it to camp around 3:30.

The weather looked like rain. I decided, I needed to get camp set up asap. Just as I finished with the tent, rain began. I was pissed, it wasn't supposed to rain until midnight. We got in the tent, Justin playing DS and me relaxing. The rain lasted about an hour and it was hard. I kept thinking about the couple who were on their way to the bald. I don't think they had any rain gear.

After the rain, we played at camp. Justin wanted to go swimming in the stream, and dad used good judgement and said no! All I could think about was a cracked open skull and me carrying him for two miles out of the woods. The water was just moving too fast. Justin was determined to have a fire. Even with all my Grizzly Adams skills, I could not get soaking wet wood to burn. We spent about an hour playing with the fire. We then decided to go on a small hike up the ridge and around the camp. Some of the 1st generation trees we saw were amazing. Very few 1st gen left. Up until this part of the hike, the trees are 2nd generation. When we got back to camp e cooked dinner and Justin loved his chicken and noodles. I had some nuts and a peanut butter sandwich. Just then, the rain started again.

This time it lasted only about 30 mins. I was beginning to get bummed about the weather. After the rain, I set up my eagles Nest hammock and Justin and I laid back and relaxed. The sounds of the GSMNP are amazing. He snuggled up next to me and we just listened. The thing about being alone in the woods with bears, is that you never ever seem to relax. I found it hard to lay back and rest my eyes. This is whey the next time go hiking, we will go with a group.

After our rest, the couple who we started out with, stopped by to say hello. They had made it to the bald and said it was beautiful. I had been there 2 yrs ago with James my 11 yr old.

Once they left, Justin and I made a little snack. He finished his noodles and I had some trail mix. Then Justin looks at me and asks if we can go home. Understand, it is about 8:15 and dusk. I look at his eyes and make the call. Lets go! To be honest, I was over the rain and the evening called for more of the same. So dad packed up cam in about 12 mins. I think my triathlon transitions have helped me make more efficient moves.
Justin with his firefly lantern and me with one led pen light I use to search around in my pack at night, head down the trail. We have about 45 min hike to the truck, so I know it will be pitch black when we are finished. With the cloud cover I mean Pitch BLACK!
All I can say, after about 45 feet, Justin stops and yells snake! I flash the ground with my light and sure enough, snake. The next 15 mins, Justin thought every root was a snake. I kept positive and kept pushing the pace. The GSMNP at night can be very scary when you are alone. Guess what, we were VERY alone. We were almost back to the trail head when up in front of us was a large black object. My heart was in my throat! By this time, it was black and out little light and lantern were not hardly enough light. I had my whistle in my hand ready to blow. The dark object was just standing there. I inched forward to get some more light on it, and that's when it happened. I realized it was a large puddle that had formed during the rains. Justin and I were about at jogging pace now. We began up the last incline and I thought I heard a noise behind us. I turned and shined the light backwards, nothing there. This however was enough of an event to put us into full rush. About 30 secs later, we could see the trail head and truck and all was well. We slowed down the pace a little and were all smiles after we got into the truck. We decided the reason we came down was to go and get some ice cream. So we did, and it was just too late to go back up and camp.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

iBikeMount Puts iPhone Front and Center

This looks promising for all you I phone users.

iBikeMount Puts iPhone Front and Center

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Jessi Stensland Interview

Ran across this today and this girl simply is tough. Check out her links below and learn
I copied this from - Interview // By The Triathlon Optimist
Thanks Howie in NJ, The Triathlon Optimist and novice triathlete...welcome to the sport

Interview: Jessi Stensland
Posted on July 29th, 2009 in Interviews
Howie -Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. It looks like you are having a great summer and congratulations on your 2nd place Carlsbad finish in the Elite woman category, simple amazing. Being a newbie and a new student of the sport I went to the internet for information. is a great source of information and how I had the opportunity to get to know a little bit about you. For those that don’t know you would you mind telling a little bit about yourself?
Jessi -Hi Howie, thanks for the opportunity! I am a Jersey girl at heart. I grew up in Franklin Park, NJ, went to college at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, got bit by the triathlon bug myself at the tail end of my swimming career there, and made my way out here to San Diego in 1998. My first ever triathlon was the Blueberry Festival Triathlon in Hammonton, NJ in 1997 and I’ve done the Sunset Sprint Triathlon at least a couple of times. I’m not even sure they are still around?? I had a great amateur racing season in 1999 and turned pro in 2000, specializing in the olympic distance. I made my way to the 2004 Olympic Trials, finishing 4th and 6th. That experience was definitely the highlight of my career. Along the way I had the opportunity to work with coaches who specifically emphasized the importance of functional training, injury resistance and overall performance of the body from the inside out. This made a huge impact on my career and my life and is the basis of my training and my work today. I took a break in 2006-2007 and now have come back, thanks in large part to my understanding of movement efficiency and performance, better than ever. As the name of my blog “Adventures In Endurance Performance” eludes to, I’m now diversifying my focus to include all kinds of endurance events, both on and off-road, cycling, running, mountain biking, triathlon and other adventure multisport events. It’s a blast!! I have great sponsors I work with: Under Armour, and the TRX Suspension Trainer and I also write and speak on the subject of movement efficiency and injury resistance in endurance performance.
Howie-You mentioned functional training and injury resistance. As a person new to the sport I admit these terms are new to me. Can you help define this type of training? I have just started to recognized that training is not all about extending my endurance and speed. I have incorporated strength training and some basic core exercises and stretching into my weekly routine. It is difficult to figure out the right balance of these activities.
Jessi -Great to hear you’re incorporating some strength/core exercises! I consider functional training that training that involves building a strong foundation within your own body so that you may get the most out of your efforts in the sports and activities you choose. There are many elements of performance and building cardio capacity is only one of them. Integrating postural alignment, flexibility, mobility, stability, elasticity, strength and movement efficiency help to create a body that is injury resistant (be offensive in preventing injuries, not defensive) and is key to overall power output and performance. This can be done by committing the early season to a program that is heavily focused on these exercises to minimize imbalances and create strong, powerful, coordinated movements along with work on technique in the swim/bike/run and then maintaining that throughout the season with short daily exercises and a couple of sessions per week that are committed to focus on the body, and not necessarily the sport.
Howie-Can you give us a little insight into what your typical training week looks like?
Jessi -I typically take 2 full days off of training per week. A large part of my week (4 sessions/wk) is always my functional training: strength, stability, elasticity, etc. TRX Suspension Training is a key component in these total body core strength training sessions. I always do 1-10 minutes of movement preparation before every workout. I also spend time within each of my swim/run workouts working on mechanics and technique. I make sure I get in 3-4 short hard interval sessions in the week where I’m pushed to my max and with the purpose of increasing my anaerobic threshold, regardless of sport. Other than that I’m mixing up my workouts between pool swims, ocean swims, road riding, mountain biking, trail running, running intervals on the track or grass, and any local short endurance races that work well as a training session. Here’s a snapshot, in addition to my functional training: SWIM: 3 x 60min in the pool; RIDE: 2-3 x 90-120min mountain bike ride; 1 x hard road ride with a group. RUN: 1 x track workout (3-5km), 1 x short tempo run (4mi), 1 x fartlek run (27-30min of work) or a race.
Howie-One of the hardest thing I find to do is keep up my intensity in training. How do you make sure that you intensity is there in your workouts?
Jessi –I find a few things help. First, have purpose to your intensityI like to remember the phrase, motivation through education (or, knowledge.) Second, eiminate the ‘gray’ area from your training. Make specific intensity workouts shorter and harder with the purpose of making a physiological change to your cardio system (increasing your anaerobic threshold for example) and incorporate recovery between intervals. It makes it easier for me to handle the intensity, both mentally and physically. The flip side is to ‘zone out’ in workouts or go through the motions just to cover a distance. I’ve eliminated that from my training. The rest of my training, aside from pure intensity, has different purposes and in itself has an ‘intensity’ of focus per say, whether for pure fun or to work on another element, like technique, strength, etc.
Howie-What is your next big event and are you doing any event specific training?Jessi –My race schedule is morphing with me this year. I’m mixing up my racing with on and off-road endurance events of shorter than longer distances. The bulk of my training is geared towards my body being prepared for any activity, sport or event that I want to tackle. That type of training is the reason why I’m able to diversify my experiences and perform well at various events! So fun. The one thing I have been working on specifically however are my mountain biking skills…both because I can’t get enough of it (it’s new this year for me) and because I need it!
Howie-Do you still get nervous gitters at the start?Jessi –A very smart person once told me this: “The difference in being nervous and being excited is that when you’re excited, you breathe.” Ever since then I’ve done a pretty good job of using my energy to be excited instead of nervous. Good stuff!
Howie-If there is one important tip you could give to a novice athlete what would it be?
Jessi –I think something that is greatly underemphasized, regardless of sport, is a focus on body’s ability to move efficiently. My advice is to get to know your body and make functional training (flexibility, stability, elasticity, strength, power, cardio endurance and recovery/regeneration) a priority. The same principles and exercises that’ll help you stay injury resistant will also help you move more efficiently and transfer your maximum power into any sport or activity, or just life in general! Diversifying your training time between all the elements that make an impact on your body’s performance is key to getting the most out of your efforts no matter which sport you choose for a particular day, event or season. And…of course…make it fun!!
You appear to be spending a lot of time to promote the sport and help educate athletes online. Can you tell me a bit about some of the things you are doing?Jessi –I love keeping up with my blog on my website and fielding questions that come through there as well as writing for the outlets my sponsors have created to reach other athletes, whether online or print media. I love passing on the incredible information I’ve learned throughout my career to others. Most recently I am working to bring my movement efficiency workshops around the US and internationally. The information will focus on how the body is meant to move, how to create change in your body to achieve efficient movement within each sport, how to be offensive in keeping the body injury resistant and ultimately performing to its potential. Info will be available at soon!
Can you tell me a little bit about your contributions to
Jessi –The team at has been like family to me since its inception back in 1999. Currently I am an Active Expert on I write articles 1-2x/month for their website and newsletters, and contribute both to my Active Expert blog, called Adventures in Endurance Performance, as well as in the Community Message Boards.
Check out for more info and to follow my adventures in endurance performance!! Certainly couldn’t do it without my support crew which includes: Under Armour, and TRX Suspension Trainer!!
Thanks Howie!Howie -Thanks so much I really appreciate it. Next time you are home Monmouth County has some much awesome single track. Would love to go out and hit the trails with your crew. Anytime!
Jessi –I do get back to NJ from time to time since my family still lives there, in Somerset County. Sounds like I’ll have to bring my MTB next time! Happy trails… Sphere: Related Content

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tour de France: Levi Breaks His Wrist | LIVESTRONG.COM

Take a look at those sheets, I am not sure I would sleep in that bed. Looks like a 1970 Horror house

Tour de France: Levi Breaks His Wrist | LIVESTRONG.COM

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LiveStrong-Nike Pro Cycling Team

Open letter to Doug Ulman AKA LiveStrongCEO and Phil Knight

I would like to first, thank you for your time and consideration in reading this letter. As a proud supporter of LiveStrong and the fight against cancer, I would like to share my thoughts on next years LiveStrong-Nike Pro Cycling Team. Sorry Phil, the LiveStrong brand has to come first, it is a non profit fighting against a bastard disease. need I say more?
Second, I would like to share my thoughts on how I see the team shaping up on the pro side. Once again, these are only my thoughts feel free to adjust by one or two either way. Except Horner, he is on the team for the lack of respect by Astana this year. So here it goes:

1. Lance Armstrong - No reason needed, every team needs a senior citizen to monitor bed times and curfew

2. Levi Leipheimer - Who else would be in shape to win Cali and be Lances film sidekick. No doubt worthy

3. George Hincapie - Come on, you know he is like a fine wine. he pairs perfectly with Lance
4. Mark Cavendish - Well he is the worlds fastest man. By the way, he was wearing green underwear during stage 10. I believe they had a Nike Swoosh
5. Mark Renshaw - Cav needs to be set up and I here the Australians now how to celebrate

6. Christian Vande Velde - Having lived in Chicago for 5 years I will testify we need a man who can supply Italian Beef sandwiches to the team. Plus, I think he can get us into the Naperville Rib Fest

7.Martijn Maaskant - Are you kidding me, I just love to Say his name. We could have fun with this guy.
8. Fabian Cancellara - Look he is Swiss we need some culture on the team. Horner needs balance.

9. Chris Horner - Because he belongs and you screwed him this year. You know he is a single Dad
10. ANDREAS KLÖDEN - Just look at his name, it just screams get out of my way, I have two dots on my O, I will kick your ass.

11. David Zabriskie - I know, he is a wild card with his own salve but he rides the capt. America bike and it is soo sweet.

12. MICHAEL ROGERS - I had to round out the team with big Mic, the guy just has a cool twitter pic and he relates.
I realize we would need others, I will let you and Director JOHAN BRUYNEEL pick the remainder of the squad. I would like to see a Tyler F., Jani,David M, Danny P and Will F given much consideration.
I do not think I need to tell you this, but they will ride Trek bikes.
trek ben will be the wrench and Gordon Ramsey will cook. Liz will take pictures. Dara Torres will be the team trainer. Have you seen her body? Wow!

Now as for my roll with the team, I have spent many long nights thinking about how I could contribute the most to the Team. I first thought about being the team car driver, but that would be too dangerous. I enjoy a fine glass of wine while watching sports. Then I saw myself as the Team publicist, but realized grammar and spelling were required. So I have invented my own roll. I would be the morning test peddler. Yes, I would warm up each bike for the riders. At night, I would be the food taster. I have been watching the series The Tudors and they seem to like the poison in Europe.

I almost forgot Phil, you are footing the bill for the whole team. LiveStrong is a non-profit and Nike is all about greatness, and who wouldn't consider this the greatest team ever. I would say 20mm will cover all costs, including my set of team bikes.

I would like to thank you in advance for this consideration and opportunity to show a couple of my real talents.



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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It is Time to Race

Ok it is that time of year again. You know the time were family's are heading to the beach, camping at the lake and going to the amusement parks. I have always looked at the month of July as the official start of summer.

For cyclists or velogeeks or just endurance junkies, it is the one time of year America gets hooked on bike racing. Yes people I am talking the Tour De France.

For the past two years, my work velo friends have been whooping my ass on fantasy Cycling. This year, I have a new team name and a new team manager. Yes people I have pulled out all the guns. We have a all doping policy. That means we take as much as we can get. Blood may be submitted to the office address. The team motto is simple cheat, cheat , cheat some more and we might gain/steal a spot on the podium. The riders are pumped up, yes in many ways. You know they only really want to podium for the post race kiss with the girls. Do you think they get more than a kiss? I have always wondered

Oh well, I will never know. I can't wait for the race to start in only 3 more days. My team's name is 9 Smokeymtn Slowriders. We play with the one and only Velogames.

The team is managed by the sly cat he is, former pro racer himself

Andy, my eyebrows are no longer areo, Rooney

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspiration "True Icon"

If this doesn't give you goose bumps, you must be dead!

Racing Against Cancer -- powered by
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Tough Choices

Life come at us in many different ways. Sometimes it challenges us with family trials, sometimes with work stress and sometimes it is as simple as swimming.

I can not figure this sport out. I have been training for about 8-9- months and still feel like an 1500m swim without my wet suit is not survivable. Maybe because at these little sprint tris I exit the water about ready to drown. heart rate at the max and my times are just slightly about ave for the local 500 or so beginner triathletes in Knoxville. Oh so stressful!

Nothing compared to my friend Big B. Many of you know Big B as the engine of our cycling team. He is always there to ride and he always wants to be at the front of the pace line. I do not complain.
A couple of weeks back, our cycling group was riding in the annual Tour De Cure here in Knoxville. Pilot, the company we work for is the main sponsor and we have raised over 100k in the last 5 years for the event. We have a team of over 40 individuals who rode. Big B's wife, Brother, cousin and nephew all rode.
Big B's wife had a spill and she had to be life flighted off the course. She went head first over the handlebars. She sustained a (TBI) traumatic brain injury. In addition, broken clavicle, collapsed lung, two broken ribs and many other bumps. Bib B has been a pillar of strength throughout this whole ordeal. The family still ha s a long road to recovery.

I am happy to announce today Big B's wife A.K.A. The Big K, and that doesn't stand for Krash, are headed home for the first time since June 6th.
I also want to thank the Raisin Hope Foundation for the support and information. The responses in the forum helped Big B in the preparation phase of this trail.
Before this happened I had contacted the Raisin Hope Foundation about putting on a ride in Knoxville. Next year, I hope, with many of you to ride in a benefit ride for Raisin Hope "Big K" Challenge in Knoxville. Sphere: Related Content

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ultra Endurance Cycling

For over a year now, I have followed the adventures of Jill Homer AKA "Up In Alaska". She is a remarkable young woman who races in crazy sub zero weather and trains in conditions almost anyone would say suck! She has rode two Iditarods and other ultra races. This year she is competing in the Tour Divide race 2,745 miles.

Here is a description of this race, sound fun? Tour Divide is a solo, self-supported mountain bike race on all 2,745 miles of ACA's epic Great Divide MTB Route. With an average time-to-completion of three weeks in the saddle, this grand tour is the longest, most challenging MTB race on the planet. It's a contest for the ultra-fit but only if ultra-prepared for myriad contingencies of backcountry biking.

You can follow her progress through this link. She is attempting to go from Canada to Mexico, over the rocky mtns as fast as possible. Oh by the way, this is a self supported Race! if you take help, your out.

This week, I have been researching an event here in the states called RAAM OR RACE ACROSS AMERICA 3,000 miles
Don't get all worked up, I do not even believe I would be able to attempt this race. Yes, 3000 miles in 9-12 days. Do that math 292 miles per day average. You would have to average 14.6 mph to get to sleep 4 hrs a night. Any slower means less sleep. the winner completes the race in 9 days or 390mi day and rides about 22hrs a day. YES, I SAID 22HRS PER DAY!
Holy shit, that is a lot of pain.
Here is there definition of the race. This is a Race. Unlike other famous races, like the Tour de France, RAAM is not a stage race. The race is one stage, live to the very end. In RAAM, once the clock starts on the west coast, the clock doesn't stop until each racer reaches the finish line on the east coast. RAAM is 30% longer than the Tour de France and solo racers finish in half the time with no rest days. The race format is essentially a time trial, commonly called racing against the clock or the race of truth. Unlike the Tour de France, there is no drafting or taking shelter from the wind. It's an all out solo challenge.

Last night I cracked open a bottle of seasonal Skinny Dip! from one of my favorite breweries New Belgium. I have been lucky enough to visit this brewery in Fort Collins, Co. if you are ever through that area, it is a must stop. So many great things to say about this company!

New Belgium Brewing Purpose Statement:
To operate a profitable brewery which makes our love and talent manifest.
Company Core Values and Beliefs
1. Remembering that we are incredibly lucky to create something fine that enhances people's lives while surpassing our consumers' expectations.
2. Producing world-class beers.
3. Promoting beer culture and the responsible enjoyment of beer.
4. Kindling social, environmental and cultural change as a business role model.
5. Environmental stewardship: Honoring nature at every turn of the business.
6. Cultivating potential through learning, high involvement culture, and the pursuit of opportunities.
7. Balancing the myriad needs of the company, our coworkers and their families.
8. Trusting each other and committing to authentic relationships and communications.
9. Continuous, innovative quality and efficiency improvements.
10. Having Fun.

All I can tell you, is the beer is Oh so good. So last night I treated myself to a little bonus coverage of RAAM. I was given a present this pat week, the documentary "Bicycle Dreams"
If you cycle, this is a must see.
I think it did its job and I am officially pumped for the Cherohala challenge this weekend. Sphere: Related Content

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cherohoala 09'

It is that time of year again, your legs are feeling strong and we normally have a couple century rides under our belts. Then it is Cherohala time.

Yes, 9,000ft of climbing. and over 12 miles at 10-14% grade. This is epic by all standards! Did I mention it is 173.32 km long. Holy shit , that's a lot of kilometers. I am not sure how many miles that is but wow that seems long.

Ok It is 116 miles, you can check it out at the Smokey Mountain Wheelmen web page. Why don't you sign up today and come join us for some pain.
One of the really cool sections of this ride is well before you even get to the real climb, it is the Ride on the Tail of the Dragon. 318 wild ass turns in 11 miles of pure heart pounding fun. I will do my best not to pull a Liz hatch.

Here are some pictures from last year. These are on the Dragon, there are always photogs hanging around taking pics of all the motorcycles.
Notice all the water I am carrying, I was told we were only going to stop 2 times.

This picture is from the Fall reverse Chelohala. We do this as a group ride. It is real cold at the top, but the views getting up there are spectacular

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