Friday, October 24, 2008

Taking it easy

This week has been all about recovery. Two knee tweeks are feeling much better and I actually am starting to feel okish swimming. Today, I would like to go 1,800 yds we will see

It is also a big weekend for THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES!!! We will be having a scarlet night at the shoe. I feel good about the game, OSU is is tough at home and really tough at home night games. If you were wondering ask Notre Dame!

Sat. will be the test with the reverse Cherohala! It should be a beautiful ride with the colors of the trees in the mountains. I will take the trusty camera and bring some shots back. It will not be hard to do while climbing at 7-8 mph

I have not rode it this direction before, the other way it averages about 12 degrees for about 10 miles. Climbing from mile 50 to mile 90

This way the climb is from mile 23 to 53 earlier in the ride and shorter. Plus we are doing only 100mi not the normal 114

Supposed to be a friendly ride. I have to take it easy so not to strain my mcl again

We will have a road angel at the top of the climb with hot soup. Velo friend Jeff's better half.

Here is Velo friend Jeff, he helped me prepare for the Atomic Ironman

Some Misc. Pictures I thought I would share today

Is that frame Ti oh by the way nice tan lines
My Current Road Bike

My other bike I don't ge enough time on

The Mountain bike I do not have
The dream MTB 20 lbs
The Dreamiest MTB 5.5" travel under 22lbs

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good news and Bad

10-20 swim 1,500
10-22 swim 1,750

Today I have both, let me explain

1st, I aggravated both mcl running last week. Good news, it seems the left one was less injured and feels good. the right one, not so much. I need to stay off of it for about two weeks.

Here is the issue, it seems that swimming is ok on it. I work out and it feels good. Biking well, as long as I do not hammer, it feels ok.

Running, oh my it's out.

Better to heal now than to carry this into December. The issue is I am supposed to ride 114 miles and climb 10,000 feet this sat. on the bike.

A few of us are doing the Cherohala Challenge in reverse. I am going, unless it rains, temps at Hoopers bald will be in the low 40's. Mix in rain and this would not be a nice decent. Come to think about it, it wouldn't be a nice accent either. Please do not rain on our epic mountain ride.

Other good news is that I swam 1,750 yds today. I feel great, keep in mind I am wearing flippers most of the time. By January, I hope to be able to follow the workout the others are doing. Each time we swim, the water gets more comfortable.

Today I watched the UT swimmer workout. He is ranked 4th in the world behind Phelps in the 200 fly. He has some serious power. Sphere: Related Content

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday afternoon ride

10-19 Bike 40 miles

Let me start by saying I had not been on a bike for 4 straight days. This is the longest span of the year without riding. I felt lazy being off the bike. Truth is, I needed to rest. I may have strained my MCL in both knees. This of course is my diagnosis, supported by a R.N. at Minute Clinic. Treatment is Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory (Aleve) Ice and rest.

So today I agreed to meet Bill for a Sunday ride. We averaged somewhere in the 19-20 mph range with 3,000 ft climbing over 40 or so miles.

The weather was beautiful for riding and the traffic was non existent. East Tn has some real nice riding, we are very spoiled.

Today its back in the pool! Sphere: Related Content

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Day Of The Fin

11-14 Bike 18 mile
11- 15 swim 1300 yds
11- 16 run 3 miles

Wednesday was the last day I have been swimming. Today, class was cancelled for a meet. I am actually sad. This is because I stayed back at the office and ate 2 dogs, beans and bread pudding at a UT tailgate party.

I needed to be working out!

Let me tell you I have found a new best friend! My new swim fins!!!

Check these babys out. I can not explain how much easier it was working out with these magical appendages on my feet.

My knees are still killing me, but I only drank about 2 liters this time vs 2 gallons of H20 last time.
One thing is clear, I have a long steep hill to climb before I feel even remotely confident in the water. Sphere: Related Content

Monday, October 13, 2008

The day - I Almost Drowned

10-11 50 mile bike
10-13 800 meter swim

Today I officially begin training for the IM. This is my training location . The facility is amazing

Today, I found out/humbled , that I am not in shape. I think my heart rate was 170 the entire time. I can not believe how out of shape I felt today in the pool trying to swim 25 meters

Good news is, Dawson and Phil were there to make it fun. Of coarse Dawson was still trying to break our mental spirit. Bad news is Dawson has way too much experience in the water.

I did not realize or think I would swallow as much water as I did. I hope there is a skill I can learn to slow down this process. I am trying to survive and not swallow water and he is already looking semi smooth. The coach welcomed us to join and learn. He claims we are not the worst he has seen. I am betting we are close. Wednesday we will try again! This time, I will have a kickboard Sphere: Related Content

Friday, October 10, 2008

Swim Fish Swim

10-8 I also biked 17 mi

10-9 nothing

Today, I embark on a swimming mission. I am so excited for the day. Today i begin my swimming training. I realize it is going to be a long upwave battle, but I am ready.

On another note, I agree with The Fat Cyclist, his new jerseys are the most comfortable yet.

I need to somehow have last years Pink jersey made into a sleeveless triathlon shirt. I would love to wear this while doing the 70.3

I have to end today with a great video I saw on Cyclelicious today.

Tracy and Andy fighting on a bike!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eyebrows Gods Little Gift

10-7 Bike 18 mi

10-8 Run 3 mi

Today, I went to swim for the first time at lunch. I am so ready to begin my base miles in the pool. I go down over the hill from my office to the Gym. I am lucky it is so close.

Go up to the front desk and give them my name, and the attendant says, "ok got it." Now you have to understand I signed up at the gym two years ago and to my knowledge only signed up for a year. Something is fishy here.

Oh well I almost felt guilty until I walked up to the pool to take a look. Yards and yards of yellow caution tape surrounded the pool. OUT OF ORDER the sign read.

Great today was the day, I am so disappointed. Oh well, I decided I would run instead. Nice weather, 65 and light showers. I was just finishing up with my run, I had not seen another person the whole time. Normally in good weather I would pass 12-15 people on the boulevard.

Then up ahead I see a runner coming toward me. Damn, it is Dawson! I actually thought I would get a fitness day up on him.

Let me get to the epiphany I had while running in the rain. God really new what he was doing when he created eyebrows. Let me explain, you all know I cycle a lot. Nothing is worse or more dangerous that sweat dripping into your eye from under your glasses, stinging so bad you feel like a needle is in your eye. All this while following another cyclist 12" apart in a paceline going 24 mph.

Today I realized the little hairy things we take for granted and call eyebrows are the key to safety on a bike. I know this because during todays run, it rained the whole time. After about 2 miles I casually reached up and wiped one of my eyebrows.

I think 3 oz of water flew off. I was amazed at the water holding capacity of my eyebrow. Could you imaging how many ounces Andy Rooneys eyebrows hold. I think on rainy days he wouldn't even need to bring a water bottle along. I guessing he could hold 20 oz on those animals

I have to find a pool!
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dawson's Day of Fitness

Ok the boys and I have been duped. Today we find out Dawson, the big challenger from yesterday, has been running daily 5-6 miles. This is in addition to the lunch bike rides.

With this news, I call FOUL!!!!

besides he is like 10 years younger than all of us.

We want, deserve, need and demand time for these short sprint tri events. For Christ sake we don't even know if Phil can swim yet. Big B could sink and I could end up stuck in the pool drain.

So with this head start to multi sport training, he decided today to throw down the gaunt lent. We hammered out two laps on the trusty and beautiful boulevard. Only with an ave speed of 20+

He eventually dropped all contenders and as we climbed out to the pike, he seemed to have a strange, I have them where I want them, smurk on his face.

He is also able to train at the UT aquatic center because he is taking masters classes. Another big advantage. Right now, Phil, Big B and Myself are going to open up Phil's above ground pool to do some circles.
We will learn to swim!

This will teach him! Sphere: Related Content

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dawson's Day Of Challenge

Here it is, you must be a P@@$Y NOT TO ACCEPT.

From: David Dawson Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008 11:59 AMTo: Robert Orler; Phil Lawson; Andy Goode; Kenny Sherrod; Michael Moog; Tony Teasley; Josh BirdwellSubject: you're gonna tri huh?
Ok Robert,

I see where you’ve signed up for the St. Croix half-ironman. So, since you’ve decided to take this foray into my former sport of choice, I’m going to step up and lay out a challenge. I’m ready to get fit again, so I offer the following:

I’ll buy a fat cyclist jersey for anyone who beats me in any of the following races next year. However, if I am the first finisher of this group, you guys all pitch in and buy me one.

Trideltathon (400m swim, 5mi bike, 3mi run) - April
Foothills Sprint (350m swim, 10mi bike, 2.5mi run) – Late May
Tellico Sprint (800m swim, 17mi bike, 4mi run) - June
Springbrook Sprint (200yd swim, 9mi bike, 3mi run) – July
(none of these should conflict with St. Croix)

1) Any experiencing a mechanical problem that prevents them from finishing is exempt from paying out
2) I’ll pay out a maximum of 2 jerseys per person per year (so if you beat me in all four races, you’re only getting 2 jersey
3) Anyone who beats me who is not on this email, does not count Sphere: Related Content

Day 1

10-3 Run 3 miles
10-4 Bike 35 miles
10-5 MTB 6 miles
10-6 Run 3 miles
MTD Bike 57 , Run 6

Since beginning this transition back into shape over two years ago, I have noticed I always need to have an event to be training for. Most of this year I used small events/rides to convince myself I would be able to complete the Cherohala Challenge with a respectable time.

So off I go day 1 of training for the Ironman. Really this is day two, I ran on Friday. I went out early for a very cold 52 degree, for Knoxville, Sat. morning ride. I met JB on the boulevard and we rode downtown and then over to Ijams nature center.

I had planned on taking Sunday off, but Jb called and told me Trek and CBC were having a demo day at Haw Ridge.

I have been getting pressure to do some mtb lately. This is popular for winter road fitness. This is what Matt "The Beast" J. uses as his winter training. I didn't ride the hills on this trip however. I rode the Trek Fuel EX 9.9

Oh it was smooth and light. So much, that I found myself spinning out on some steep uphill shale sections. Loose rock sucks. The bike was fast, much faster that I wanted to ride it on the first spin around this single track. I found myself with an "Oh shit" reaction many times on the first loop.

When we arrived at the event, we spotted an old friend Marcy from the Tour De Cure. Turns out she was volunteering to guide riders around the Ridge. Lucky for us and she became our guide for the day.

The next bike I tried out was a more conservative trek 69er. Yes, 29" in the front and 26" in the back. Oh by the way, a single speed! This isn't the bike but close enough. The one I tested had an inverted front fork. This is the model JB tested.

The 69er was cool, I definitely liked the simplicity of not gears. I think this is what distracted me with the first test. the SRAM gears were much different that my Red SRam road gears. I spent a lot of time testing out different gear ratios to end up in the middle ring middle rear.

This is why from the start the single speed was feeling great. The big wheel in front seemed to go anywhere i ask it to. granted I was more comfortable with the track, but it just seemed to be easier to handle and hit precise lines. We did not do the hill of truth, so I did not have to walk any hills. Were they easy, no but isn't that why you ride? To continually challenge yourself.

I do have worries about mountain biking. I found the clip in pedals I used to be difficult to get into fast. I even pulled out of them a couple of times with hard effort. This is something I would have to do some research on.

After the SS, we realized JB was out of time. We took advantage of the generous CBC staff and ate a burger with them. Marcy even had brought her own keg? Yes, it was beyond belief! How cool is that? Well I will tell you it was about 34 degrees because she had it iced down down down.
I had two glasses.

JB and I owe her big for the guide and Grog. Sphere: Related Content

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big News

Many of you have read about my relay adventure recently. It got my competitive blood boiling. I have made the decision to become a triathlete. Yes, you got it swim, bike and run all three.

I am not going into this small. The way I see it, the short events are called sprint and I have never been a sprinter in anything. So I have signed up to compete in the 2009 70.3 St Croix Ironman!

Yes, to answer your first question it is in the virgin islands.

Let me explain a little more
1. It is Jennifer and my 15 year wedding anniversary at the end of May 2009
2. If I am going to do this, I need 7 months to learn not to sink in water
3. How could it not be fun, two weeks in paradise

Now for the tough work, how do we get there? Where do we stay? and How do I get my bike there?

Luckily, I still have Delta points from all those years traveling for Pilot.

I will use CBC to pack my bike and I will check it like luggage. Thank goodness I have a direct flight.

But we still do not know where to stay yet. I am taking suggestions if anyone has ever been there.

I also choose this race due to the tough bike course. You see, they have a hill called the beast. The 7/10 of a mile at 6-21 percent grade. I would expect it to be 10-12 percent most of the way. I think it is only 21 in one place. This is nothing to what we climb around Knoxville weekly.
I found this video on you tube:

Here are the normal non pro riders

Tell me what you think in the comment section
Mid Life crisis?
Stud? Sphere: Related Content