Wednesday, March 16, 2011


2011 is well underway and it is time to make a Race plan. It is way past time to make some race plans. This year is shaping up like the get it done year or go home. No pressure on myself haha If I get lucky, I will make a couple podiums So the time is now to put in the time and effort to get the rewards. The key this year is training smart vs training volume. Gone are the cookie cutter training plans you find all over the Internet. You know the ones, we have all used them at one point or another. After two years of competing at this 3 sport thing called triathlons I realize I need balance. I see a lot of age groupers out there who lose themselves in training hours and I mean 18-20 hours per week. I can't be that guy, and I am ok with this. I am a social person at heart, and triathlon training seems to be a very lonely sport. Very rarely do you have training partners or friends who may compete in one sport who are training on the same training effort or volume. Workouts tend to be more solo and lonely. This is not for me! My latest training partner, He never shuts up!
I have family commitments that are number one in my life. Yes, honey I know your laughing very hard right now. As our children get older, the time commitments seem to grow in number.

Jennifer (age not important) - wife, relationship, co-chair PTA, chief meal creator, Head bath coordinator, CEO of Bedtime, lead poop scooper and overall champion

James 12 - Travel baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Football

Olivia 10 - Horseback Riding "Hunter Jumper", Tennis

Justin 8 - Tennis, Football (Flag), Swimming Team and sometimes baseball and basketball

Good Family Fishing times

This year I will release my inner super hero and become a more efficient athlete. Train smarter in less time and enhance my family time. How do I do this, one way CrossFit Endurance training

2011 Schedule

4/3 Knoxville Half marathon 1,200 ft in 13.1 mi

4/29 Dogwood Mile, Knoxville Tn

5/15 Rev3 Knoxville Olympic

5/28 Knoxville sports expo 10k

6/4 100 Miles to Nowhere 12k ft climbing on the Foothills parkway. GSMNP

6/18 Cherohala Challenge 116 mi 9000 ft climb bike ride we try and race

6/26 Tellico Sprint Tri

7/10 Chattanooga waterfront Triathlon - new this year

7/16 Vacation Hilton Head island

7/23 Carter Mill 10k

9/11 Rev3 Cedar Point, Oh - Half Iron

9/? Bridge To Bridge 104 mi Epic century 10,486 ft climb Lenoir city, NC

9/25 Augusta 70.3

10/8 Rev3 Olympic Anderson, SC Nov- Feb "Crossfit K Town" Wow, this doesn't include 2-3 sprint tris I will complete with the local series.

As you can see, my training time must be focused and for a purpose. This is why I have since last June been using Crossfit as my base conditioning. If you do not know what I am referring to, click here this is the main web page for the concept. If getting lean, strong and melting away fat is your goal then use this site to find an affiliate gym in your area. Most "boxes" as they refer to themselves, have a free day to try out the concept.

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