Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Smoothie


There it is my first attempt at a superfood smoothie. Of course it has some really top secret ingredients.

ok here are a couple
Acai berry puree - From FAM
Sprulina - From Bree Wee
Protien Powder - From ON
Blue Berries - From Earthfare KNX
Soy Milk - from Beans

Man was the best, big ass, purple superfood post workout/run drink I have ever had. I even forgot the bananna! Go figure Sphere: Related Content

Monday, January 25, 2010

Where and Why

I have been horrible in keeping up on my blog, I will be honest Twitter is so much easier on a daily routine.

So today, I will update you on what I have been working on. I have been running and I mean a lot of running for me. To bring you up to speed on last years totals here they are:

Run Bike Swim

740 mi 2,732mi 87,000m

Onto the current training. I am in week 16/18 of marathon training. So far this month I have ran 83 mi.
The longest running event I have ever raced is a half marathon. My Pr is 1:41, so the extra mileage should really develop my leg strength. I started out with very low goals. You know, finish! But, soon after I began the 18 week program, I got the bright idea, I might have an outside shot at qualifying for Boston with a 3:20:59. After a couple weeks of that thought and some very painful Race pace runs, I gave up on that idea. Now, I am back to running strong, smiling a lot and setting a solid first Mary type number. Happy to be sub 4hr thrilled to under 3:45

Sat. was my last 20mi run for the training plan. I was lucky enough that it was also the day Anthony Famiglietti (nickname: Fam) came to speak at Earthfare about eating like an Olympian. So as soon as I finished, I threw on some dry clothes and ran into the store. Can you believe it, I had to stand for the next 80 mins or so. I found his talk to be really helpful. It is really close to the program Justin, my 6 yr old is about to start. I would love to share with all of you the nutrition secrets he spoke about but then, well they wouldn't be secrets anymore. I wouldn't have the advantage. Maybe someday, when you turn 40 I will share. Until then us old farts need some help. Thats for Dynamite Dawson! The human Tri machine

Check out some of Anthony's PR's

1500 Meters
New York
3000 Meter Steeplechase
5000 Meters
10,000 Meters

Are you kidding me? Most of you couldn't ride a bike and keep up with this guy!
When he spoke about running for 10k without a nutrition let down I was all ears. He runs at one speed, all out!
Now I will point out, I have about 13 years and 30 lbs on him. Without this disadvantage, I am sure I could whoop him. HAHA

The really cool thing that was amazing was after his talk, he made it a point to look the two young cross country runners in the eyes and somehow mentally burn into there brains not to make the same nutrition mistakes that he had. He had a similar message I have spoken to Pat Summit about, success at the highest levels never comes without extreme hard work. How hard you work in the end will be the difference in being a champion. Fem stressed to the two youths about working out and also the work you put into your body. (Proper Nutrition)
The funny thing is, I was nervous about going to hear him, and he also said, this was the most nervous he has been in years.
By the way, notice the Mt Union Football shirt I am wearing. Congrats to Pierre Garcon of the Indy Colts for having a killer game on Sunday. He is a DIII Mt. Union College Alum. Mad skills for a DIII player. Sphere: Related Content