Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Nyc is one busy city

The night before, Team Fat Cyclist went to dinner and Fatty presented us with our team shirts. Sweet swag from Pearl Izumi. It would be so cool to be a sponsored runner.

Game time!

I feel great, slept well, extra hour has made me feel awesome. I am ready to run NYC the worlds largest marathon.

I met a couple other Fatty runners in the lobby and we hoped a taxi to the ferry. We timed the trip perfect, after we got off the ferry, we laided around in the lobby.

I had big fears about being cold as shit for 3 hours. I had foot warmers, hand warmers, layers of clothing and all supplies to make a small camp adventure on Staten Island a positive experience.

The starting city was a mess of people all huddled together keeping warm. Some runners were standing around in only shorts and shirts others had layers on top of layers. They were turning blue and looked like they were hating life.

My corral opens and I enter, it was only a short wait until they took us to the start line. As tradition calls, the cannon goes off and Frank Sinatra "New York New York" is playing on the speakers. Epic!

I start running and can not believe how crowded the road has become. I am trying to get a pace going over the first bridge when it happened. Bam, I strain either my calf or Achilles on my right leg. I am pissed, I slow a little to see if it will loosen up. After about 1/4 mi I pull to the median and rub down my calf. I can't believe this is happening to me. I run again, it begins to scream and seize up. I begin to talk to myself, I am pretty sure it is out loud. I have to stop again, I stretch and tell myself "I will finish"

I jump back onto the road and start down the backside of the opening bridge. I am at mile 1 of 26.2 and I can not run under 9 min. miles. Every time I push under 9 min. and my calf seizes up with knifing pain. As we pull off of the bridge, I decide my PR is gone and I will just run at 9min. pace. At that moment I let the goal of a PR go and decide I will try and enjoy a nice long run.

I am now headed down 4th ave. in Brooklyn. As I run, the smells of food and crowd is cheering loud. Bands seemed to be every 1/2 mi and the water stops are at every mile.

I tell myself, my calf will loosen up later in the race and I will have all kinds of stored power to finish strong.

Around mile 6 I pull into a first aid tent and ask the volunteer to massage my calf. Hoping this would help it loosen up. I head back out onto the course and take in the sights. Each neighborhood has its own feel. Kids line the streets with parents giving high fives.

I come to the half way point at 2:07 and tell myself, that this day is going to be a very long day. I try and keep positive, but my mind is going into the pain cave. My calf is killing me and with every step the pain seems to be getting worse. I tell myself it makes sense to walk 1min and run a mile. I do this until the bridge back over to Manhattan. At that moment, I begin to crumble, the bridge is a lonely place, no crowds just silence. I walk and walk and walk.

I make it across and head down to 1st ave. this is where the crowds are packed and screaming. I want to run but my leg is killing me. I run some and walk a lot. It was a very humbling experience. The streets are lined with barricades, if not I would step off and head back to my hotel. It was at this moment, I tell myself I will make it to Central Park, I will finish this race. Then at mile 18 I look up and there she is Philly Jen.

Jen and a group of Fat Cyclist supporters are there with signs and positive vibes. I stop and give hugs. They are great, they give me some Reese's pieces and they are the best tasting treat I had all day. The mile after this visit was my fastest of the second half.

After what seemed like an hour, I cross into Harlem. I was in what seemed like a fog, I knew it was only a 10k to the finish. I just kept moving, walking, jogging.

Before I knew it, I was headed south along the park. As I entered the park, all I could think about was why I was running. I was here to fight the fight against cancer, I was here for a bigger reason than some PR. I looked up and saw a man with the name DEAN on the back of his shirt. It was a sign, I work with a Dean who lost his son to cancer, and the night before the race he emailed me and wished me luck. I followed this man for the next 3 miles, he lead me to the finish.

I learned a lot about myself this weekend and in the process, I supported a honorable cause.

Below is my favorite picture of the weekend, Fatty and the Runner

That night when I returned to my hotel room, I took off my tights an revealed a bad looking ankle or cankle.
That's one ugly pic! Swelling has gone down, but I still have pain on both sides of my ankle and calf. I will wait one more week to see is a MRI is in my future.

Oh by the way, I did pick up some bling

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

NYC 26.2

The time has come to check off one of those bucket list items. It is the night before the NYC Marathon.

I am running for Team Fat Cyclist supporting the LiveStrong foundation. The excitement is in the air here in the city. Nationalities abound, teams from all over the world are here to run.

This morning we had a breakfast meet up for LiveStrong at Nike Town. On my way how I came across the nations peace 5k. It was amazing, as far as the eye could see runners of all shapes and sizes from all nations running with smiles. This was very powerful to watch, I wanted to jump in but instead, I cheered my ass off giving high fives and support.

The city is a very big and intimidating place. I have yet to stick my head underground to the subway. You know that is where the warriors are hiding.

I couldn't live here, there are amazing delis on every block, I have been eating multiple meals.

I was able to meet a couple people at the expo, Sarah Stanley and Andy Baldwin.

you may remember him from the Bachelor TV show

For now, I wait to go to the team dinner with Fatty and Friends.

A huge shout out to the Wife and family for their support! Sphere: Related Content

Monday, September 27, 2010

Augusta 70.3

Finisher @ 5:10:54
Here I go off to Augusta with a goal of finishing in my mind. I will tell you, it is a lot less stressful when you under train and head to a race without any expectations. I stayed outside of downtown, if I were to do it again, I would stay at the Marriott downtown.

Once there is scouted out the swim start and transition area. This is a point to point swim so logistics were a challenge. I spotted a couple of dilly bars going to jump in. They must be from East KY, water temp was 74ish
I proceeded to head to check-in and the line was small. This made me very happy, but gave me more time to check out downtown. I started to drive the run course and realized it was perfectly flat. I then spotted the Mellow Mushroom, had to atop and have some dinner. Good eats!

The next day, I slept in until 8:30 wow. I had planned on something like 10a but I just couldn't make it that long. I went for a short 2 mile run and felt strong. Then it was off to bike check-in. Here is where my biggest race mistake was made. As you can see the bike is racked and covered for rain. That was not the mistake, the fact i didn't make my transition spot with some kind of colorful ribbon was. In both T1 and T2 I couldn't find my spot. As you can see from the pic below lots of bikes. I was in the right area both times, just couldn't spot my bike.

Ok now for the race report
I started in the 21st wave pros went off at 7:30 I went off at 8:30ish
I played it cool and let the group swim off for about 10 seconds. I started to swim and for the first 100m or so, it was crowded. I took to the outside on the left and found some open water. Amazing, I swim pretty straight compared to some of these fools. About every 50 m or so some goober would come across my face going at a 45 degree angle??? I just stayed calm and swam to finish. The current didn't feel strong, but it must have been I came out in 30:45 1:28 / 100
For some reason the last 500m I went for the most direct line to the finish and this cost me some time. It took me out of the strong current and near the shore.
As I stood up to exit the water I vomited, and thought to myself oh shit that was not good. Then I realized the swim was over and I was happy as shit. I ran to transition and yes looked for my bike what seemed to be 2 mins but probably 60 secs. Jumped into my shoes grabbed my bike an d off I went. Upon getting on my bike, I passed what seemed to be 60 people in the first 400m.
Keep in mind my ag was one of the last 5 to start. I had 2,000 people to pass on the bike. I swear it was a crazy ride. It rained the entire ride, sometimes very hard. I can not explain how flat and fast this ride was. Well yes I can, I rode easy many a mile trying to save my legs and rode 22.2 mph for a 2:31:40 80k. That was good enough for the 275 best bike time. What a fun ride, I was smiles the whole way, my heart rate was way low and I was having a ball. I love those Zipp wheel rentals.
I finished up the bike ran into transition and yes, again I couldn't find my spot. This time it was longer my T1 time was 4:51 and T2 was 4:55. I gave up 4-5 mins in the transition.
Once I had my running shoes on I realized I had to pee. I stood in line for about 10 secs and then realized I was about 8th in line. I was not waiting, so I took off. I was soaking wet from all the rain and I just let it out. My first pee on the run experience. I hit the road and the legs felt great. They started turning out 7:30 pace. I was worried, about going to hard so I pulled it back to 8:00 pace. My plan now was to run 8min miles for as long as possible. I am a garmin nerd but I didn't set up my 310 for multi sport before the race. So it ran the whole time in running mode. When I started to run I didn't mark the mileage and was a little unclear where I was on the course. Looks like I ran 5 at 8:00 then 4 at 8:42, 8:42, 8:50, 9:05 this is where the legs went tight. They looked up to me and said, "No more papa" the next miles were a miserable 10:23, 10:12, 10:48 and 10:05 for a 1:58:46 half.
I was very happy with this result, It is a very easy course and I would recommend it to anyone.
Noe time to recover for a day at least. NYC is only 41 days away. Sphere: Related Content

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NYC 26.2

Oh I did it again, yes I just signed up to run the NYC Marathon for Team Fat Cyclist. Many of you remember last year I rode in the Livestrong challenge Philly for Team Fatty. We raised over 800k for the fight against cancer last year. Get ready, I will be begging everyone for donations.

This year Team Fat Cyclist is at it again, we are riding in all the Livestrong events and around 12 of us will be running the NYC 26.2! I have thrown my name in the hat.

Am I up for this kind of pain again? Yes, because I know I can run faster than fatty! Last year he went off the front at Philly for a good reason. He also trains at 5,500-7,500 ft elevation. He looked at me last year while I was suffering an made the comment how nice it was to still be nose breathing, sea level is great he says! We will see this year big boy.

Oh wait a min. Fatty is an Ironman now. Shit, there is no way I can run with him and The Runner. They are Bad ASS Ironman

Below is the response that just came over my email. Wait, what does this mean? I have to wait and see if I am selected.

Dear Robert,
Thank you for applying to fund raise on behalf of the LAF in one of our Team LIVESTRONG endurance events! We have received your application and will be reviewing all submissions in the coming days. Once we have chosen the recipients of our guaranteed spots, we will notify you right away.
Thank you,LAF Fundraising Staff

I understand, Fatty will hand pick the runners. There is only one reason he wouldn't pick me, he is worried my thighs will be bigger and more defined than his!

Here he is showing off those legs prior to last years event. I think he was trying to scare Chris Carmichael

Last year this is how I rolled to Philly 12 hrs

Here I am running my first Half Mary in cotton. Yes my nipples were raw. This was before Twin Six produced their spectacular line of Team fatty running gear.

P.S. I just wanted to look like Kenny

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rev3 Tri

2010 REV3 Knoxville - First Olympic Distance Triathlon 15 in AG 99th overall Top 15%

It was a cold morning in Tn. As you can see from my picture, I looked calmer than I was on the inside. The last time I lined up for a mass swim start, resulted in a bad experience and a DNF

Here is the swim exit, that is Phelps in the grey cap. He blistered the course in 20 mins. I swam a 24. Good for me, but put me behind from the start.

I couldn't help but have some bike envy checking out the pros rides. More over the wheels than the frames.

Here is a picture of Phelps bringing it home on the bike. I don't have a pic of me to post sorry. The bike portion was great. I started off going down Neyland just telling myself to get into a nice rhythm. As I got to south Knoxville, I began passing people and it was awesome. This is the bonus for being the 158th best swimmer. The way the results are sorted and the swim start we had, it is impossible to figure out how many I passed. Every hill we came to I was blowing by people. The front part of the course also had 70.3 participants. They started in a wave 10 mins ahead. I caught a bunch of them as well. I realized I was going to post a solid bike time when I began to pass riders who looked sponsored. Now I don't mean pros just some local type sponsors. I even passed some Trakkers sponsored athletes. I came to the last 3 mi with two men who were hammering. Both were in the age group above me. I ended up dropping one coming onto the Gay st. bridge and the other heading up to UT campus. Bike split was 1:17:26 Hilly course 19.22 mph

I felt real good coming off the bike and as I was coming in, I saw Phelps and another even better swimmer Greg Simpson headed out on the run. Greg swam a 15:30 - 1:04 / 100 ave SICK!!!
I jumped into my shoes and told myself my toe would be alright. I ran the first 3 with a conservative approach 7:40 ave and I think it was smart because my quads were not happy nor was my toe at mile 4. I was able to maintain the pace over the 6.2 mi and finish in 47:29 or 7:40 pace. It was a flat course and with a perfect body I feel I could have ran 44 flat.

Here I am Phelps once again beat me. That's ok, it was the closest race we have had yet. I had a blast and the event was first class.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

My Birthday

Today is my 40th birthday! I am ok with that number, I have never felt better. 40 is the new 30 these days. I weighed in at my 11th grade wrestling weight this morning of 155#. I can't believe how hard it was to maintain back then. Poor Poor Diet! Now, I make much better choices of what goes into my body. Last week Lenny, our Corp. Trn Mgr put on a demo with his Vita Mix 5200 - Green smoothies and healthy soup. I can't wait till the office kitchen has it's own Vita Mixer.

Lately I have been attempting to get my bike legs under me for the upcoming Rev3

Below, Phelps AKA @DavidADawson shows off his new STEED! Its fast, he's fast and I will not see him during the race.

Here he is again sucking my wheel like a pro!

Last Sunday, I raced a 10mi running event in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. The first race in 30 years and touted as the last race ever. The only reason they are having the race is Cades Cove Loop was resurfaced and has been closed for the last couple months. The race was great, I spotted 28 deer and 2 Black Bear. Results were ok, only thing consistent about this race was you were either going up steep hills or down one. Tore my legs apart by mile 10.

This is Brandon Bruce, I have rode with him in a couple of events last year. He is about 6'7 and he is a stud. Listen to this he completed a 508 mile solo Time trial in 35 hours and 7 mins.
Check it out HERE By the way, he also beat me in this running race. Oh, by the way, he finished 6th overall! Yes that is sick! check out the results HERE

As we parked for the race, some friends appeared

My Olivia, showing off an Easter Egg

Last victory as a 35-39 ag. Today I join the ranks of the Masters!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am now a Marathon Runner! click here for my results.

This weekend seemed like it took 3 yrs to get here. The truth of the matter is I should already be a marathon runner, but my first attempt was cancelled due to a freak snow storm at Myrtle Beach.

This race was supposed to be for fun, I formed a Pilot Travel Centers Fittest Company Team. We have 62 individuals taking part in some form of the race. Some doing the 5k, a couple relay teams, a few 1/2 Marathoners and 2 Full Marathoners. My self and my brother-in-law (Matt Liggett). I ran the half last year in 1:43 and new the full here would be a bitch.

So yes, I was a little worried when the weather forecast on Sat. was calling for 80% chance of heavy thunderstorms and 30-40 mph sustained winds. The only thing that was positive was the temp. was 45 to start and 53 at the finish. So yes, I was pissed all over again that my first attempted had been cancelled. I just wanted to get this under my belt. Crossed off the bucket list you know put to rest.

This weekend was also special my brother-in-law who is the runner of the family drove down to run with me. I owe him for getting me into this long distance stuff. My in laws also came down for the week. On top of this my family hosted Sam from Operation Jack. Please visit his site and take a look at how you can make a difference. As you can see we had a full house and this was good because it occupied my mind.

I knew I wouldn't go out and set a real low time due to the course and it's hills. I did however want to give it a shot and thought a goal of 3:45 was feasible.

The morning of the event came fast, the three of us drove over to the start and we had very little time to get ready. Seemed like 15 mins, I am sure it was more like 30. I was able to hook up with a few other Pilot runners. It was good to see everyone seemed to show even with the forecast. Matt, David and I positioned ourselves in the second corral around the 7:30 pacer. I wanted to go out around 7:50 and Matt wanted 8:15. I knew he wouldn't let me get to far ahead and I wanted to push the first half. My first 5 miles were 7:50, 7:32, 7:48, 8:04, 7:46

At this point I was running with Dawson aka Phelps, he was doing the 1/2 and I knew at some point I would have to let him run away. I felt strong and my heart rate was never high. Miles 6-8 bring you across the Blvd and up the second big hill of the front half. We ran smooth at 7:50, 7:49 and 8:13 to climb out. At this point I was happy to have bagged some time sub 8:00 pace. At this time, a small man appeared on my shoulder, he started whispering in my ear you can run 20 @8:00 pace and 6 @9:00 for a solid 2:35ish finish. I believed him the next couple miles down third creek greenway were 7:50, 7:50, 7:49 then it happened a little rumbly in the tummy. Yes folks, the line at the start for the potty was too long and I had put something off too long . Lucky me, I was coming up to Tyson Park that had facilities. I will consider this a 2 min time penalty. I hit lap on my Garmin when entering, but of course forgot to lap when finished so I really do not have the true effect of this stop.

Looking back now this might have been where my mind switched off from 20mi in 2:40 to I better save my legs mode. The last couple miles for the front were 9:48 and 8:13. Now the 9:48 was a big climb that averages 4.5% grade.

I turned and headed out onto the back half and for the next 4 miles just tried to maintain a rhythm. 8:12, 8:25, 8:45, 8:38 legs felt ok not great. Nutrition was fine, just didn't have the ability to run 8:00 anymore. By this time, the hare, my brother-in-law had caught me and dropped me. As he ran off, another little man appeared on my other shoulder. He started to chant "you suck" "Just stop" "Walk a little, what's it matter now" "you suck" " you just got dropped" ! As you can see this little bastard was way different than the last man I spoke with. The next 4 miles were tough, you go through a section of town known as the Old City and past some pubs. Oh I wanted to pull in for a small snack and maybe a pint from the Crown and Goose but I couldn't. Then you climb out of the Old City back up to the Woman's Basketball Hall Of Fame. These were tough 8:51, 9:09 and mi 20 9:24. I had reached mi 20 in around 2:45ish.

At this point I moved away from posting a super time to ok I will be sub 4hr no issues. I crested the hill by the Hilton and headed over the Henley St bridge. I now refer to this bridge as, The bridge from hell! By the time I got across this Mother Fucker I was toast. I think being able to see a large section of what was ahead of me really screwed with my brain. My body and legs went into survival mode and I ran 9:26 and 9:45 through mi 22. It was nice to see some friends along the rode in Island Home subdivision. Thanks for the support.

Then my nightmare began. Rain and i do not mean a slight drizzle or even a steady rain, I talking buckets of cold hard rain with 30mph steady winds. Thank god I only had 3 miles to go because I was freezing and over running by this point. At one point I believe there was hail hitting me. Now understand, I am not afraid of a little cold. I have been training in it for the past 25 weeks. I just had never jumped into the river and then ran around in my underware for 32mins before. Yes peeps, my last 3 miles were a miserable 10:25, 11:44, 10,34 trust me, my mind wanted to be running 7:30 my legs just wouldn't perform.

I am happy, that evening Sam and I went out for Five Guys Burgers and Fries! Why, he informed me because that's how he rolls. let me tell you, the man rolls fast. He finished 5th in his Age group and 38th overall @3:20. It was a pleasure having him stay with us and the Orler family wishes him great luck and smooth flights for the remainder of his races.
Here is Sam waiting to place his order

It is official, Matt is faster than me, he finished in 3:48 - 6 mins faster. This is the second race Matt has beat me in this month. He posted a sub 20min 5k to beat my 20:39 in Orlando. I think it is time he gets a bike.

Speaking of Bikes, mine is loaded up in the truck because tonight I am going to get smashed by a group of guys riding the Foothills Parkway. It is a Tuesday night tradition to get out legs in shape for the hills around Knoxville. It is a 27 mi ride that goes out and back. the out portion is 3mi flat, 9 mi up hill @6%. We race to the top and then at the end we have a sprint finish. I am sure I will be smashed after tonight. Not only are my legs still tired from running, but I have not rode outside in a couple of months. Sphere: Related Content

Friday, March 12, 2010

Swimming Again!

Yes, it is that time again where I go 3 times a week to get my ass handed to me. Yes, I am swimming again. On the bright side, I already after two swims feel as confident as I did at the end of last season. I was very smart and worked hard in the off season to keep my weight off and also do swim specific weight training. Here is a picture of David "Phelps" Dawson going to practice. David's last event, he came out of the water in a 70.3 in 3rd place.

I am so lucky to have a great environment to train in. Above is a local legend Bill Lauer, last year he did 75/ 75's on his 75th birthday. I am not kidding and they were on serious intervals. He kicks my ass! He has impacted so many swimmers lives in Knoxville.

Take a look at this facility I get to swim at! The bottom right you can see our coach Ashley still on the deck teaching.

Here is the UT girls 2010 swim team, many of these girls qualified for Nationals this weekend.
I know, you are all wondering how I got that pic? I am not telling.
Now it is time to lube up the bike and start hitting the roads hard. Next Tuesday begins our weekly race to Look Rock. 9 mi climb @6% ave grade. A strong day we hold 12mph on the hill, my record is 55:03 from Coulters bridge to look rock.

One day maybe Heather could ride with us! That is so close to my first ever bicycle, my brother Mark built it up from three old bikes in 1975.

Alright, it is time for a break from all this blogging, thanks Phil for snapping this embarrassing pic of me.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

To Be or Not To Be?

That is the question of the month.
This weekend I took a trip to Myrtle Beach to run in the 13 yr of the MB marathon. I had high hopes this race would not only make me an official marathon runner, but also enable me to set a solid PR in case I never run another 26.2
You see, I put marathon training right up there with ironman training. Lonely and time consuming runs make up each week. I had at least 20 weeks of training over winter leading up to this race. I was ready and just about to sharpie my split goals on my arm when -
It happened, the race was cancelled! 10:30 the night before the event! Yes, tell me I was having a nightmare due to snow at Myrtle Beach the event was cancelled for the next day. Now I grew up where snow is very common and we didn't even cancel school until the morning. Why was it so important to cancel the night before??? Below are my consolation prizes
On my way out of town at 9:30am, you can see the horrible conditions of the roads. Notice the wet pavement, we could have been really injured by the puddles splashing into our eyes.

I am sure delaying the race a couple of hours was not an option. HAHA
I was, am and still pissed about the way the whole thing went down. Too many people had too much invested in this to just cancel the event! How about run the next day? Ur are shitting me right , when you say the celebration party will still happen at the house of blues! You even offered to give us a finishers medal there? I may not yet be a marathoner, but I do have common sense. Let me see, give you more of my hard earned money or just get the hell out of dodge.
Now this brings me to the question- Will I become a marathoner? I need to stay pumped up because in 6 weeks I am to run in the Knoxville marathon. It is hilly and will be a very solid test of my will and strength. Most of the people I know (Phil, David) have chickened out and are running the half. Only a few people I know are running the full.
Check out this link to Operation jack, Sam is staying with my family for the weekend. He is taking a year and running 60 marathons in 52 weeks. He is doing this to help fight Autism, his son Jack is his inspiration.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Open Letter To Heather Gollnick

I had an exciting day this past Sat. I hit a 4mi pace run @7:35 ave and then headed to the Knoxville convention center for the Healthy Living Expo. I had two specific goals to accomplish while there.

First was to get my daughter to the stage to see her friend's dance recital and second, was to meet Heather Gollnick. For those who do not know Heather, she is a 5 time Full Iron Distance Champion and 2 time Half Iron Champion.

If you have no idea what that means, it means she is a bad ass momma. That is the special thing about her, read about her life challenges and what drives her by clicking on her name above. Here I am trying to remain calm while posing for a pic.

OK so for the open letter part of this post:

I would like to extend an open invitation to come to Knoxville and ride the course for the Rev3 and in addition, I will take you and heather on a ride of your life in the GSMNP. I will provide a SAG in case one of us wants to take a break. The riding here is outstanding and I am betting we could get in a great 3 day smashfest.
I have a entire floor of my house you may use to stay on if you choose. It has a bedroom w /king bed, full bath, mini kitchen, 52" TV and computer. We also have 3 double air matresses for family if needed.
This would be a great time for Tara to ride, swim and run the course.

The last highlight of the day, was hearing Tara Costa took back her life. Her message was simple, in order to be healthy you have to want to be healthy. You are in control of your choices, eating, exercising and relationships. When you are finally ready to choose the healthy and positive ones, you will change your lifestyle forever. Make yourself happy before trying to please others! Sphere: Related Content

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Smoothie


There it is my first attempt at a superfood smoothie. Of course it has some really top secret ingredients.

ok here are a couple
Acai berry puree - From FAM
Sprulina - From Bree Wee
Protien Powder - From ON
Blue Berries - From Earthfare KNX
Soy Milk - from Beans

Man was the best, big ass, purple superfood post workout/run drink I have ever had. I even forgot the bananna! Go figure Sphere: Related Content

Monday, January 25, 2010

Where and Why

I have been horrible in keeping up on my blog, I will be honest Twitter is so much easier on a daily routine.

So today, I will update you on what I have been working on. I have been running and I mean a lot of running for me. To bring you up to speed on last years totals here they are:

Run Bike Swim

740 mi 2,732mi 87,000m

Onto the current training. I am in week 16/18 of marathon training. So far this month I have ran 83 mi.
The longest running event I have ever raced is a half marathon. My Pr is 1:41, so the extra mileage should really develop my leg strength. I started out with very low goals. You know, finish! But, soon after I began the 18 week program, I got the bright idea, I might have an outside shot at qualifying for Boston with a 3:20:59. After a couple weeks of that thought and some very painful Race pace runs, I gave up on that idea. Now, I am back to running strong, smiling a lot and setting a solid first Mary type number. Happy to be sub 4hr thrilled to under 3:45

Sat. was my last 20mi run for the training plan. I was lucky enough that it was also the day Anthony Famiglietti (nickname: Fam) came to speak at Earthfare about eating like an Olympian. So as soon as I finished, I threw on some dry clothes and ran into the store. Can you believe it, I had to stand for the next 80 mins or so. I found his talk to be really helpful. It is really close to the program Justin, my 6 yr old is about to start. I would love to share with all of you the nutrition secrets he spoke about but then, well they wouldn't be secrets anymore. I wouldn't have the advantage. Maybe someday, when you turn 40 I will share. Until then us old farts need some help. Thats for Dynamite Dawson! The human Tri machine

Check out some of Anthony's PR's

1500 Meters
New York
3000 Meter Steeplechase
5000 Meters
10,000 Meters

Are you kidding me? Most of you couldn't ride a bike and keep up with this guy!
When he spoke about running for 10k without a nutrition let down I was all ears. He runs at one speed, all out!
Now I will point out, I have about 13 years and 30 lbs on him. Without this disadvantage, I am sure I could whoop him. HAHA

The really cool thing that was amazing was after his talk, he made it a point to look the two young cross country runners in the eyes and somehow mentally burn into there brains not to make the same nutrition mistakes that he had. He had a similar message I have spoken to Pat Summit about, success at the highest levels never comes without extreme hard work. How hard you work in the end will be the difference in being a champion. Fem stressed to the two youths about working out and also the work you put into your body. (Proper Nutrition)
The funny thing is, I was nervous about going to hear him, and he also said, this was the most nervous he has been in years.
By the way, notice the Mt Union Football shirt I am wearing. Congrats to Pierre Garcon of the Indy Colts for having a killer game on Sunday. He is a DIII Mt. Union College Alum. Mad skills for a DIII player. Sphere: Related Content