Monday, March 30, 2009

Half Marathon - no big thang

Ok, I admit my butterflies were jumping the night before. Amazingly enough come race day, i was calm as a cucumber. I took a warm up tip I got the week before from Kerry Sullivan a triathlete and online coach, and felt strong at the start. Understand, I truly was running for a long training run. As you can see my heart rate in the first three miles did not go above 167.

My average heart rate came back at 164 for the run, my finish time was 1:43 for 24 place in my age group and 178th overall. Top 10% and I did not go all out. Today I plan on swimming and I would have gone for an afternoon ride yesterday if it had been warmer. We have had a cold/wet snap in Knoxville over the past 4 days.

So this week, back to the grind. Three more build weeks were I end in total misery to be followed by a two week taper on distance and frequency but not intensity. Once again, online advice on a proper taper.

I feel very prepared for the 70.3

I even feel good about my chances of a solid first timer finish. I have tried the wetsuit, if you can not swim forever in one of those, you better quit the sport. The bike of 56mi is all about leaving something in the tank for the run. The run, is all about race pace.

There is something I do wonder about, and that is how will my body react to all three events in 80 degree heat. I have done some solid brick work, but not in heat. Only time will tell!

I am proud to show you the picture snapped of me just as I was leaving to go home from the race. Notice the pink Fat Cyclist t-shirt worn in support of Susan! Fatty's wife and better half. You can support me and the fight against cancer by visiting my page in the Philly LiveStrong Challenge and give $5.00

That is less $, 3,000 less calories and 60 less fat grams than a bloomin onion from Outback!

If you want a t-shirt like this one, visit the guys at Twin Six for the best cycling gear around!

Robert ORLER

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day before Jitters

Ok, it is the day before the Knoxville Half marathon and I feel like Phil going to swim practice.

The Butterflies are swirling around in my stomach. I feel like the little league hitter up to bat for the very first time! I know I am only using this race as a training run yet I still worry about my knees and Cankles, will they hold up? I would like to run at 8:30 pace. Lots of mental questions in this head. You see, the past two weeks I have ramped up my cycling miles and let my running miles slip. My legs or is it my mind, well something is just unsure of its ability.
I am counting on my fellow runners - Phil, Matt and Phelps to help me keep pace. That is if they show up!
Ok enough doom and gloom, check out Lances scar in the pic below. Tough break for the boy! Heal fast my friend, the Giro awaits!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Relay For Life

MTD results
Cycling - 376mi
Swimming - 11,600yds
Running - 40mi

Took the week off from swimming to push in some extra cycling time. It also helps that Ut was closed for spring break.
This weekend, Phil (AKA The flash) convinced a couple of us to come out to Pigeon Forge and ride in a Relay for Life charity ride. I was excited to get some miles in this weekend. Jenn and the kids were away and it sounded perfect.
Then the fun started, a warm clear Friday created a very cool 32degree Sat morning. Yes folks, the ride began on the chilly side. Great news after 4,600 ft of climbing later, I was very warm.
The ride began with Andy, our very own Grizzly Adams, very excited about the ride.
until we saw Phil aka The Flash show up at the start
Click on this picture to enlarge (only if you are brave)
Doesn't he resemble Jack Black
Then Big b changes into his Jeff Foxworthy outfit, perfect for Sevier county, Tn
After all was said and done, we had a great ride. I felt strong throughout the ride.
Thanks to all the guys at Vision Quest Cycles for having us. and cooking up some damn good burgers afterwards.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Foothills Parkway 09' baseline

Start of the ride our own cyclist parking lot!

OK, I have mentioned the Foothills Parkway in a couple of different posts. I also have a slide show on the front page of the parkway. I believe this is the best area in Tn to ride a bike if not the best riding in the country.

Each year we spend our Tuesday nights testing our fitness and measuring our strength by riding from Coulter's bridge to Look rock.

This week I took the ride solo. I need to see where my fitness is Mid March.
First you need to understand the ride, it starts out with a flat 5 mi pull to the bottom of the parkway. next you have 11 mi to the top. The grade is about 6 %

last year my PR was 56:03

First ride of the year Solo 59:12

I am happy with the time, early in the season and I felt like it was an 80% effort. There are a couple of downhill parts that without a couple of partners, you lose time. Also the first 5 miles goes faster with a pace line.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mental Toughness

Today I experienced my first mental test of the new year. Do you think I succeeded or failed at the test?
You will have to wait until the end to find out. I seem to frequently ask myself what is mental toughness and how do I successfully increase my metal game. For that matter how do I measure my mental toughness. Is there such a measure? What is the test for mental toughness?
I sat down and thought of a short list
1. Success in extreme conditions
2. Physical tests of pain threshold
3. Ability to ignore your dog barking because it want to play
4. Ability to ignore in general
5. General torture tests - Like miles of cycling only to follow with a long run or riding in a car with your children for over 4 hrs - Are we there yet?
None of these seem to appealing at first glance. What do I measure myself against? Do I ask for volunteers at work to undergo trials? Maybe I could place an add in the paper for medical volunteers? No, that would not work, how will find a measure? Then it struck me I already have a measure of the strongest mental toughness I have ever read about. You know who I am talking about don't you?
Yes, it is "up In Alaska"
Read her iditarod challange summary from last year.
Unfortunately, this year was not so kind to Jill. She had to pull out after only 57 miles of the 350.
You can read this years story here
Now, how do I test my mental toughness? I am asking for suggestions from all 10 readers.
Last week I pulled a strong brick workout, I rode 40 miles at 20mph and 2,800 ft of climbing and then jumped off strait to a run of 9mi on the 9:00.
This week my big brick was 56mi and 2,700 ft climbing and then 6 mi run at 8:30
Does training like this build mental toughness???
When do I know I have it? You know the mental edge!
I know I have it! Why you say, well this week I am home alone and look below at what was at my house. Girl Scout cookies! Yes, Olivia is now a Junior Girl Scout. I am proud to say, I only ate one cookie. Now lucky for me, I did not find any tagalongs. That is a mental test I am not prepared for yet.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Riding Season In Knoxville


MTD Stats
10 days without a day off and 16 workouts
Swim - 8,900
Run - 24.5
Cycle - 138
The weather here in Knoxville has been great! With the time change, the riding season officially begins. This week the local bike shop (CBC) I sometimes ride with, began there Tuesday/Thursday rides. Above is the crew from work that rides at lunch. As you can see some have been in hibernation for the past 3 months. Time to shave!
We had a great recovery ride this week, notice how we let Big B pill us down Neyland Dr.
We do this as repeat around 25-30 mph depending how the wind blows. On this day, I did not get to pull. Oh damn, I did say recovery!
I couldn't resist getting a picture of the rider AKA Phelps and his support of Susan and team Fatty. If you are wondering what I am talking about, check out this page. If you are willing to help fight the battle against cancer with me, click here. Currently 3 Velo Friends are making the trip to Philly in Aug. to battle cancer and ride for Susan!
I am so pumped because this week, The Fat Cyclist has convinced twin six to make a sleeveless version of the Team fatty Jersey. Most of you know, I wanted to wear something in the half ironman that supported Susan and her families fight. I now will get that chance without having to make up my own version. I do have one reservation and that is the jersey color. I left fatty a comment yesterday and I must have been only one of many who shared the same concern. He wrote a great post today about this very issue. I am still hoping for a light colored sleeveless version. Until then, I will sport the black version and conduct my own tests.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

St. Coix Half Iron

Here it is, a couple of miles short. How fast can I finish this ride? last year a record was set around 2:16

I think that is the mark. I will not be close. I hope to punch it out in 2:45

I have to play it by ear and judge how I am feeling. Small 13.1 mile run after will be new for me. This will be my second ever triathlon. My first will be a couple of weeks earlier and only a 400m swim, 6mi bike and 5k run. A beginners race for sure
Oh well, good thing my wife will be there cheering and by the way it is also on my birthday!

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Big news from Fatty

Here is a note from Fatty:

Summer’s coming. Soon. Really soon.
Well, actually, I guess Spring’s coming before Summer. But I promise you, Summer will arrive very shortly thenafter. Like about three months thenafter.
And that ratty ol’ jersey you wore last year just isn’t going to suffice. Why not? Here’s why:

It smells terrible. Seriously, it does. Ask any of your riding friends. Or, if you don’t have any riding friends, that pretty much answers your question, too.

It doesn’t fit. You’ve lost a buncha weight since last year. Or you’re planning to lose a buncha weight by the time Summer comes. Or maybe you’ve gained a lot of weight and have made peace with that fact. One way or another, you’re a different size, and it’s time to attire yourself appropriately.

It’s not even close to sexy enough. Unless it’s another Fat Cyclist jersey, in which case it’s plenty sexy, but you don’t want to be sexy on only one ride between washes, do you? (And if by chance you wear your bike clothes multiple times between washes I’d like you to go re-read and mentally underscore point #1, above. Thank you. From all of us.)

More than any of those reasons, though, is the big one: The new Team Fatty jerseys are now available for pre-order, with delivery in the beginning of June.

Again, let me make that clear: we are now pre-ordering, for delivery in the beginning of June.
I should also point out that while we always order a few extras, those few extras generally are gone within a few hours. So if you want one, you should pre-order.
And you want one. You know you do.

A Little Bit About Team Fatty
Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting for Susan is a big ol’ group of cyclists (and a few runners and even one triathalete) raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation to fight cancer. There are now more than 360 of us. We’re the top fundraising team in all four event cities: Austin, Seattle, San Jose, and Philadelphia, so we’d darn well better have some matching outfits when we line up at the various LiveStrong Challenges.

Get your shirt from the Guys at Twin Six
I think my t-shirt drawer if filling up with all Twin Six shirts
Go sign up today! Fight the battle against this beast! Sign up today to ride with my small group in Philly and I will donate $100.00 to your fundraising. Sphere: Related Content

Monday, March 9, 2009

Energy - Where is it coming from?

As I write this, I am on my 8th day of working out in a row. Now that correlates to 13 workouts

Run 22miles

swim 6200

Bike 130miles

This was the first of 3 build weeks for my 70.3

I will then take an easy week then do another 4 weeks. That will complete my training and I will begin my taper to race day. May 3rd = My birthday and My race day

Where am I getting this energy? Simple, I eat all day and don't stop until 7pm. I am eating 6+ meals a day. I am still waking up under 160 lbs.

this weekend was really fun, We spent most of it watching James play baseball in his first tournament of the year. Here is his team.

They are scheduled to play around 45-50 games this year. Great group of kids but lots of time committed.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

8 weeks from St Croix

Did I just type that title, Oh yes I did 8 weeks out. This gives me 6 real weeks of training left. with two weeks to fully recover my legs , mind and body. This week has been high on the quality of workouts. i also am turning up the intensity on the bike. I am going to put in over 500mi this month with one day a week focused on climbing in the smokies. The Foothills parkway is calling out my name.

On another note, a work friend had a baby shower today an I was tempted with many sweets. I have to admit, I indulged. I think, no I know, I tried every one. At one point I was double fisted with cookies. Can't wait for little Tootie to come and see her big sister!

Oh, and the mini cupcakes were just the right size to plop into on one bite. The frosting melted in your mouth like a succulent piece of lobster. WHAT, I AM LOSING MY MIND TIME TO GO GET SOME DINNER
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February Training

Oh the month of February! Such a tough month.
Cold, dark and short month - how is one expected to get high mileage in during such harsh times?

I know suck it up and train and you are right.

Feb end of month results
Swim - 15,150
Run - 75mi
Cycle - 255mi

Understand, I had a week of travel for work. I ran but there was no way to cycle or swim. Looks like I will have to hit it hard and smart in March. So far I have already cured one major issue I had in Feb. I was not eating enough calories. So I made a grand trip to fresh market this past Sunday. I my body is recovering much quicker this week. Amazing how your body reacts to fuel.

Today we swam with the UT masters and worked on technique. During the warm-up, I swam a 400 in 7:10. For me this was good. My only other 400 that was timed was 6:30 with the aid of a pull buoy.
They were filming underwater, Davis Tarwater swimming 25's at about 7 secs. That was a site!
I will try and get a copy and post.
here are a couple of funny pics I ran across this week. You will recognize the Lampre Pic.

I know you are wondering what is this girl thinking. I don't care, I am jealous of those tan lines. You know to have lines like that = lots of miles in the saddle
All you hairy pasty legged cyclists, it is almost summer!!!!

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