Monday, November 2, 2009

New Day and a New Baby

Today is a strange day for me, I feel tired yet strong. This weekend I ran on both Sat. and Sun.
I also swam for the first real distance in 5 months. It actually didn't feel bad. Now I have a little secret, I have been doing twice a week 9mins of straight arm pull downs in the gym trying to get some shoulder strength/endurance that would be swimming specific. I can only assume this helped me not to feel like a flounder in the water. Or I cheated and used a pull bouy you choose. I will be mixing in a couple of days per week of swimming over the next 2 months. I then will step it up to 4 days a week after the Mary.

Why would I be doing this? Well it is simple, I am doing another triathlon. Which one you ask, Check this out! Yes, it will draw many a pro into Knoxvegas and it will be fast. This is why I will be doing the Olympic distance. I want to have time to enjoy the atmosphere. If we get lucky, the Orler family will get to host a pro in out home. Just this weekend I saw Luke, 8:38:38 McKenzie Ironman champion at the Vols game. His girl gave him away with the Powerbar branded fleece vest. Not many a chick from TN sporting sponsered clothing. If they do, it is Orange. I would assume he got out for a ride on Sunday, the weather was perfect. He was there with Speedy Eric Bell. Eric is an Olympic hopeful for 2012. Eric runs 32mins 10k off the bike, that is smokin.

I am not sure why I have once again inserted this pic into the blog, I think I look like a way too thin cross dressing prisoner in a concentration camp. I guess I did it for the spirit of Halloween.

Great news this weekend, the core team has a new rider, Owen joined us this Sat. already watched his first UTenn Vols game that night. He said, "stinky vols Buckeyes are the best"
Welcome to the team Owen, dad has your bike.

Now for the serious part, I am entering into week 4 of my training and it is beginning to get serious. 31 miles this week. It ramps up to 3- 50 miles weeks separated by 2-34mi weeks.
The first big week is the week of xmas. Great I will be in Chicago, what are the odds I will get weather nice enough to run outdoors. Anyone have an indoor track around Darien, Naperville area. I will need to keep my eye focused on my training!
This is my focused eye
If I can hold true to my workout plan, I believe I will post a satisfying first marathon time. I hope to have the determination of this slow rider!

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  1. Good luck on your marathon training and racing! An Olympic distance sounds like fun. There are not any in Louisiana that I can find.

  2. I think the Wendy's hair suits you. You should where that under your helmet while cycling. Give the people something to point and laugh at. :)