Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rev3 Tri

2010 REV3 Knoxville - First Olympic Distance Triathlon 15 in AG 99th overall Top 15%

It was a cold morning in Tn. As you can see from my picture, I looked calmer than I was on the inside. The last time I lined up for a mass swim start, resulted in a bad experience and a DNF

Here is the swim exit, that is Phelps in the grey cap. He blistered the course in 20 mins. I swam a 24. Good for me, but put me behind from the start.

I couldn't help but have some bike envy checking out the pros rides. More over the wheels than the frames.

Here is a picture of Phelps bringing it home on the bike. I don't have a pic of me to post sorry. The bike portion was great. I started off going down Neyland just telling myself to get into a nice rhythm. As I got to south Knoxville, I began passing people and it was awesome. This is the bonus for being the 158th best swimmer. The way the results are sorted and the swim start we had, it is impossible to figure out how many I passed. Every hill we came to I was blowing by people. The front part of the course also had 70.3 participants. They started in a wave 10 mins ahead. I caught a bunch of them as well. I realized I was going to post a solid bike time when I began to pass riders who looked sponsored. Now I don't mean pros just some local type sponsors. I even passed some Trakkers sponsored athletes. I came to the last 3 mi with two men who were hammering. Both were in the age group above me. I ended up dropping one coming onto the Gay st. bridge and the other heading up to UT campus. Bike split was 1:17:26 Hilly course 19.22 mph

I felt real good coming off the bike and as I was coming in, I saw Phelps and another even better swimmer Greg Simpson headed out on the run. Greg swam a 15:30 - 1:04 / 100 ave SICK!!!
I jumped into my shoes and told myself my toe would be alright. I ran the first 3 with a conservative approach 7:40 ave and I think it was smart because my quads were not happy nor was my toe at mile 4. I was able to maintain the pace over the 6.2 mi and finish in 47:29 or 7:40 pace. It was a flat course and with a perfect body I feel I could have ran 44 flat.

Here I am Phelps once again beat me. That's ok, it was the closest race we have had yet. I had a blast and the event was first class.

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