Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It is Time to Race

Ok it is that time of year again. You know the time were family's are heading to the beach, camping at the lake and going to the amusement parks. I have always looked at the month of July as the official start of summer.

For cyclists or velogeeks or just endurance junkies, it is the one time of year America gets hooked on bike racing. Yes people I am talking the Tour De France.

For the past two years, my work velo friends have been whooping my ass on fantasy Cycling. This year, I have a new team name and a new team manager. Yes people I have pulled out all the guns. We have a all doping policy. That means we take as much as we can get. Blood may be submitted to the office address. The team motto is simple cheat, cheat , cheat some more and we might gain/steal a spot on the podium. The riders are pumped up, yes in many ways. You know they only really want to podium for the post race kiss with the girls. Do you think they get more than a kiss? I have always wondered

Oh well, I will never know. I can't wait for the race to start in only 3 more days. My team's name is 9 Smokeymtn Slowriders. We play with the one and only Velogames.

The team is managed by the sly cat he is, former pro racer himself

Andy, my eyebrows are no longer areo, Rooney

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