Friday, July 17, 2009

Tour de France: Levi Breaks His Wrist | LIVESTRONG.COM

Take a look at those sheets, I am not sure I would sleep in that bed. Looks like a 1970 Horror house

Tour de France: Levi Breaks His Wrist | LIVESTRONG.COM

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  1. Robert I found you. We met at Third Creek Greenway when we were both preparing for the St. Croix Ironman. I hope you and your wife had a wonderful Anniversary trip. I am sorry to hear that you did not finish I can say it was hard hard work, and I finished in 7 hours 45 minutes and 29 seconds!!! I am planning on doing my next half in June 2010 (gotta take that much time to prepare again) at the Eagleman in Maryland. This ride says it is flat, but lots of headwinds. After walking the beast I will not mind the headwinds! I am glad I found you on here. I misplaced your card, and always wondered what happened with your race. I have not updated my blog in quite some time, but check out the race info