Monday, September 27, 2010

Augusta 70.3

Finisher @ 5:10:54
Here I go off to Augusta with a goal of finishing in my mind. I will tell you, it is a lot less stressful when you under train and head to a race without any expectations. I stayed outside of downtown, if I were to do it again, I would stay at the Marriott downtown.

Once there is scouted out the swim start and transition area. This is a point to point swim so logistics were a challenge. I spotted a couple of dilly bars going to jump in. They must be from East KY, water temp was 74ish
I proceeded to head to check-in and the line was small. This made me very happy, but gave me more time to check out downtown. I started to drive the run course and realized it was perfectly flat. I then spotted the Mellow Mushroom, had to atop and have some dinner. Good eats!

The next day, I slept in until 8:30 wow. I had planned on something like 10a but I just couldn't make it that long. I went for a short 2 mile run and felt strong. Then it was off to bike check-in. Here is where my biggest race mistake was made. As you can see the bike is racked and covered for rain. That was not the mistake, the fact i didn't make my transition spot with some kind of colorful ribbon was. In both T1 and T2 I couldn't find my spot. As you can see from the pic below lots of bikes. I was in the right area both times, just couldn't spot my bike.

Ok now for the race report
I started in the 21st wave pros went off at 7:30 I went off at 8:30ish
I played it cool and let the group swim off for about 10 seconds. I started to swim and for the first 100m or so, it was crowded. I took to the outside on the left and found some open water. Amazing, I swim pretty straight compared to some of these fools. About every 50 m or so some goober would come across my face going at a 45 degree angle??? I just stayed calm and swam to finish. The current didn't feel strong, but it must have been I came out in 30:45 1:28 / 100
For some reason the last 500m I went for the most direct line to the finish and this cost me some time. It took me out of the strong current and near the shore.
As I stood up to exit the water I vomited, and thought to myself oh shit that was not good. Then I realized the swim was over and I was happy as shit. I ran to transition and yes looked for my bike what seemed to be 2 mins but probably 60 secs. Jumped into my shoes grabbed my bike an d off I went. Upon getting on my bike, I passed what seemed to be 60 people in the first 400m.
Keep in mind my ag was one of the last 5 to start. I had 2,000 people to pass on the bike. I swear it was a crazy ride. It rained the entire ride, sometimes very hard. I can not explain how flat and fast this ride was. Well yes I can, I rode easy many a mile trying to save my legs and rode 22.2 mph for a 2:31:40 80k. That was good enough for the 275 best bike time. What a fun ride, I was smiles the whole way, my heart rate was way low and I was having a ball. I love those Zipp wheel rentals.
I finished up the bike ran into transition and yes, again I couldn't find my spot. This time it was longer my T1 time was 4:51 and T2 was 4:55. I gave up 4-5 mins in the transition.
Once I had my running shoes on I realized I had to pee. I stood in line for about 10 secs and then realized I was about 8th in line. I was not waiting, so I took off. I was soaking wet from all the rain and I just let it out. My first pee on the run experience. I hit the road and the legs felt great. They started turning out 7:30 pace. I was worried, about going to hard so I pulled it back to 8:00 pace. My plan now was to run 8min miles for as long as possible. I am a garmin nerd but I didn't set up my 310 for multi sport before the race. So it ran the whole time in running mode. When I started to run I didn't mark the mileage and was a little unclear where I was on the course. Looks like I ran 5 at 8:00 then 4 at 8:42, 8:42, 8:50, 9:05 this is where the legs went tight. They looked up to me and said, "No more papa" the next miles were a miserable 10:23, 10:12, 10:48 and 10:05 for a 1:58:46 half.
I was very happy with this result, It is a very easy course and I would recommend it to anyone.
Noe time to recover for a day at least. NYC is only 41 days away. Sphere: Related Content


  1. Nice job on a great race! LOL, I know the feeling you had when you started the run. It's hard to pee in your pants after years of knowing you're not supposed. Doesn't get easier, but saves time...
    Good luck on recovery and NYC!

  2. Great job on the race, awesome finishing time. Loved the report.