Saturday, November 6, 2010

NYC 26.2

The time has come to check off one of those bucket list items. It is the night before the NYC Marathon.

I am running for Team Fat Cyclist supporting the LiveStrong foundation. The excitement is in the air here in the city. Nationalities abound, teams from all over the world are here to run.

This morning we had a breakfast meet up for LiveStrong at Nike Town. On my way how I came across the nations peace 5k. It was amazing, as far as the eye could see runners of all shapes and sizes from all nations running with smiles. This was very powerful to watch, I wanted to jump in but instead, I cheered my ass off giving high fives and support.

The city is a very big and intimidating place. I have yet to stick my head underground to the subway. You know that is where the warriors are hiding.

I couldn't live here, there are amazing delis on every block, I have been eating multiple meals.

I was able to meet a couple people at the expo, Sarah Stanley and Andy Baldwin.

you may remember him from the Bachelor TV show

For now, I wait to go to the team dinner with Fatty and Friends.

A huge shout out to the Wife and family for their support! Sphere: Related Content

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