Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Days and Ramble

Last night the Pilot team went to the Foothills Parkway to do some hill training. We were 6 strong and had a great ride, today we did a new lunch route with Ryan our TI friend. It exposed me to a new section of greenway in Knoxville. It will be great for the kids.

I would love to share some pictures with you, but somehow my camera has broke. I need to pick up one of those super cool, waterproof, trendy cameras Jill uses. they seem to be bomb proof.

Jill, refresh my memory, what type is it again?

Last night the group gave me real grief about the recap post on St. Croix

It was not supposed to sound like a cheep porno but somehow my lack of writing skill created a masterpiece. Nothing like support from the team.

News days are here, this Monday I jump back into this Tri thing. I feel like it will be just a try, not a win this time. I have only swam once since returning and my high calf is shredded from running last Sunday. Yes, I iced it and now am treating it with heat. The issue is, I have also been riding daily.

The event is a very short sprint tri 350m swim, 10mile bike and 2.5 mile run.

I should do alright for an old man. 35-39 age group. This is a beginners tri, so most serious racers don't compete. This helps make old men fell good when they finish in the top 50. I have a calf strain and it will make the run hard. Sphere: Related Content

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