Friday, June 12, 2009

Cherohoala 09'

It is that time of year again, your legs are feeling strong and we normally have a couple century rides under our belts. Then it is Cherohala time.

Yes, 9,000ft of climbing. and over 12 miles at 10-14% grade. This is epic by all standards! Did I mention it is 173.32 km long. Holy shit , that's a lot of kilometers. I am not sure how many miles that is but wow that seems long.

Ok It is 116 miles, you can check it out at the Smokey Mountain Wheelmen web page. Why don't you sign up today and come join us for some pain.
One of the really cool sections of this ride is well before you even get to the real climb, it is the Ride on the Tail of the Dragon. 318 wild ass turns in 11 miles of pure heart pounding fun. I will do my best not to pull a Liz hatch.

Here are some pictures from last year. These are on the Dragon, there are always photogs hanging around taking pics of all the motorcycles.
Notice all the water I am carrying, I was told we were only going to stop 2 times.

This picture is from the Fall reverse Chelohala. We do this as a group ride. It is real cold at the top, but the views getting up there are spectacular

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