Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ultra Endurance Cycling

For over a year now, I have followed the adventures of Jill Homer AKA "Up In Alaska". She is a remarkable young woman who races in crazy sub zero weather and trains in conditions almost anyone would say suck! She has rode two Iditarods and other ultra races. This year she is competing in the Tour Divide race 2,745 miles.

Here is a description of this race, sound fun? Tour Divide is a solo, self-supported mountain bike race on all 2,745 miles of ACA's epic Great Divide MTB Route. With an average time-to-completion of three weeks in the saddle, this grand tour is the longest, most challenging MTB race on the planet. It's a contest for the ultra-fit but only if ultra-prepared for myriad contingencies of backcountry biking.

You can follow her progress through this link. She is attempting to go from Canada to Mexico, over the rocky mtns as fast as possible. Oh by the way, this is a self supported Race! if you take help, your out.

This week, I have been researching an event here in the states called RAAM OR RACE ACROSS AMERICA 3,000 miles
Don't get all worked up, I do not even believe I would be able to attempt this race. Yes, 3000 miles in 9-12 days. Do that math 292 miles per day average. You would have to average 14.6 mph to get to sleep 4 hrs a night. Any slower means less sleep. the winner completes the race in 9 days or 390mi day and rides about 22hrs a day. YES, I SAID 22HRS PER DAY!
Holy shit, that is a lot of pain.
Here is there definition of the race. This is a Race. Unlike other famous races, like the Tour de France, RAAM is not a stage race. The race is one stage, live to the very end. In RAAM, once the clock starts on the west coast, the clock doesn't stop until each racer reaches the finish line on the east coast. RAAM is 30% longer than the Tour de France and solo racers finish in half the time with no rest days. The race format is essentially a time trial, commonly called racing against the clock or the race of truth. Unlike the Tour de France, there is no drafting or taking shelter from the wind. It's an all out solo challenge.

Last night I cracked open a bottle of seasonal Skinny Dip! from one of my favorite breweries New Belgium. I have been lucky enough to visit this brewery in Fort Collins, Co. if you are ever through that area, it is a must stop. So many great things to say about this company!

New Belgium Brewing Purpose Statement:
To operate a profitable brewery which makes our love and talent manifest.
Company Core Values and Beliefs
1. Remembering that we are incredibly lucky to create something fine that enhances people's lives while surpassing our consumers' expectations.
2. Producing world-class beers.
3. Promoting beer culture and the responsible enjoyment of beer.
4. Kindling social, environmental and cultural change as a business role model.
5. Environmental stewardship: Honoring nature at every turn of the business.
6. Cultivating potential through learning, high involvement culture, and the pursuit of opportunities.
7. Balancing the myriad needs of the company, our coworkers and their families.
8. Trusting each other and committing to authentic relationships and communications.
9. Continuous, innovative quality and efficiency improvements.
10. Having Fun.

All I can tell you, is the beer is Oh so good. So last night I treated myself to a little bonus coverage of RAAM. I was given a present this pat week, the documentary "Bicycle Dreams"
If you cycle, this is a must see.
I think it did its job and I am officially pumped for the Cherohala challenge this weekend. Sphere: Related Content

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  1. Thanks for your nice message, means a lot.
    I so wish we had some LONG rides here like the ones you are talking about... and thanks for the link to the Alaska girl, I have to check that out, totally inspiring!

    Hope you are well!