Friday, June 26, 2009

Tough Choices

Life come at us in many different ways. Sometimes it challenges us with family trials, sometimes with work stress and sometimes it is as simple as swimming.

I can not figure this sport out. I have been training for about 8-9- months and still feel like an 1500m swim without my wet suit is not survivable. Maybe because at these little sprint tris I exit the water about ready to drown. heart rate at the max and my times are just slightly about ave for the local 500 or so beginner triathletes in Knoxville. Oh so stressful!

Nothing compared to my friend Big B. Many of you know Big B as the engine of our cycling team. He is always there to ride and he always wants to be at the front of the pace line. I do not complain.
A couple of weeks back, our cycling group was riding in the annual Tour De Cure here in Knoxville. Pilot, the company we work for is the main sponsor and we have raised over 100k in the last 5 years for the event. We have a team of over 40 individuals who rode. Big B's wife, Brother, cousin and nephew all rode.
Big B's wife had a spill and she had to be life flighted off the course. She went head first over the handlebars. She sustained a (TBI) traumatic brain injury. In addition, broken clavicle, collapsed lung, two broken ribs and many other bumps. Bib B has been a pillar of strength throughout this whole ordeal. The family still ha s a long road to recovery.

I am happy to announce today Big B's wife A.K.A. The Big K, and that doesn't stand for Krash, are headed home for the first time since June 6th.
I also want to thank the Raisin Hope Foundation for the support and information. The responses in the forum helped Big B in the preparation phase of this trail.
Before this happened I had contacted the Raisin Hope Foundation about putting on a ride in Knoxville. Next year, I hope, with many of you to ride in a benefit ride for Raisin Hope "Big K" Challenge in Knoxville. Sphere: Related Content

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