Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Breaking Up With Baby

It has been a long time coming, it is time to break up with Baby!

This is going to be a very bad time in my life, I will need support from all my closest friends. I know that I will end up pushing the limits of friendship during these next few weeks. All I ask for is your patients and understanding. My moods will swing like a 17yr old girl, and I will be crabby just like Mr. crab
The relationship has just fizzled out, you know the candle is out of wax. Our timeline has run it's course. We have had out good times and bad, well not many bad times.
The rumors have been out there for some time about the effects baby has on my well being.
My life may never be as sweet, but who knows?

I am not talking about this kind of Baby, I am talking about artificial sweetener Splenda!

I am sorry baby, you are officially out of my life.
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