Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time To Cut The Cake

Here I am in Philly for the LiveStrong Challenge. 10.5 hr drive and I am pumped up for Team Fatty. Today at 3pm the team had a member who baked a huge Team Fatty cake. I will post a picture later. We waited for Philly Jen to come down to cut the cake and to everyone's surprise, Elden also came. He cut the team some big ass pieces and we all talked and met the fat Cyclist.
By the way he is not fat but he is still very sore from his spill in the Leadville 100. After I spoke to him, I introduced myself to Philly Jen, the teams captain. She told me that as they came into the parking lot, Elden saw my truck and took a picture for his blog. Why my truck you may be asking, well on the way here I stayed awake looking for others making the trek. I decided to go old school and paint my windows. So after a quick stop at Wal Mart, here is what the truck looked like.
Tomorrow morning will come fast, I am off to nap and then some pizza. With 2,000 or so riders taking off tomorrow, wish me luck that I do not end up like this guy.
By the way, Team fatty will be the front group in the ride. Is that cool or what!
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