Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little Lost

This is how I am feeling these days. I am not training for anything at the moment and I feel lost. To ride without purpose and to run without a plan seems just silly. I know one thing, if I don't start training for something soon, I will need to get new pants. Today I weighed 170 lbs and my race weight is around 160-162.

I am participating in a 10lbs in 10 weeks weight lose challenge through Twitter. So far I think I am down 1 lb in 2 weeks.
This weekend was a big Ironman weekend. Both IM Canada and IM Louisville were on Sunday. twitter was on fire with updates. Twitter has changed the way events are followed. Opening a new world to sports who do not or can't afford TV prices.
I found this on my phone, not sure who took it. Looks to be the Cherohala Challenge.

I am working on making race and personal challenge plans for next year. To start the year off , I have been looking into running a marathon and am not yet ready to make the commitment. I am close though. I have to convince myself to just finish and not worry about how fast. Then, I will run the Knoxville half for a PR. I hope to post sub 1:35. See again already setting time goals. I don't understand why I must put so much pressure on this old body to perform. I am 39 yrs old and deserve to relax.
Too bad I got my ass kicked here vs relaxing! Live and learn

I have to keep telling myself you lazy SOB you laid on the couch for 18yrs watching football drinking beer and eating pizza, quit kicking yourself in the ass for not being the fastest or the strongest climber or when you body tells you no more.

Next , I want to compete in the Rev3 Triathlon here in Knoxville. Real big deal to get such a large pro event in Knox Vegas. I am leaning toward the Olympic distance, this way I will be able to still enjoy the event and celebrate as others finish the 70.3
Training buddys, my first ever tri.

We were hoping to get a club discount for the event, but turns out the club doesn't have a 501c status or some shit like that. Isn't a group of triathletes who train together and suffer together enough to make a club. We all signed up on a club sign up sheet? How about it Revs can you cut a local CLUB from Knoxville a break?

So here it is the official/unofficial race calender for SlowRider 10' I am sure more will be added later. Smaller runs and of coarse the normal list of cycling events. This is just the abnormal race events.

This is what I looked like after my first ever 1/2 marathon. Pulled calf muscle, nipple burn form the shirt but proud as hell I ran with a WIN spirit. 1:43 result.

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1 comment:

  1. oh man you carry your weight well, you dont look like much of a fatty to me! ha ha.. as for the REV3 series, hmmm, not sure at all and you know me-I STRUGGLE with the East Coast races, just beats me up, so IF I do one it would be the one in May, early in the year... and then I would meet up with you all!!

    Hope your 10lbs in 10 weeks is going well.
    Hugs from Hawaii...