Monday, August 24, 2009

LiveStrong Philly

What a week! After a long hard week of work, I took Friday to drive to Philadelphia. The LiveStrong Challenge 2009

The team I was part of raised over $275,000 yes 197 team members. This is only the Philly ride, Team Fatty has a team at each ride this year. I believe the total so far is over 700k raised by our team. Our team alone raised close to 9% of the total take. Yes 197 individuals vs 6, 300 others.

It doesn't hurt when your leader kicks in some great giveaways.

It all started with Ray ray baking this double thick delicious cake for all of Team Fatty to carb up on Sat. afternoon. He carries a big knife in his car in case anyone is wondering.

The Team gathered but no Philly Jen so we waited. Then out of the elevator Elden shows up. He says a few words and he cuts the cake. It was quite evident Susan took care of this task in the past. His pieces were about 6" by 6". Luckily Ray Ray baked enough for 400 team members.

Yes, I had to get a pic with the man himself. I would like to make a note of something, Eldon claims to weigh around my weight. I am sorry when I stood next to him I was noticeably larger, well taller. This only means he carries his weight differently. It will make sense, just hold on

The morning of the ride, the team assembles at the 100mi corral. Eldon gets onto his soap box and begins to flex his thighs!!! Yes, I think in this picture he is calling himself the God of Thunder Thighs. Now you see where he carries his weight. The problem for me was that they are all muscle

The team was lead by no other than Philly Jen, she kept taking these funny pictures. I think she is a closet comedian. She swore no more open mouth pictures. Thanks for all you did!!!

Here you see Michael and me wondering how we would stay awake for the 12 hr drive home.

Something looks dunlaped over in this pic.

Here is E.G. I met him, but he won't remember. He was too busy talking to the Nissan booth girls! Oh E.G. you made a Buckeye Alum very sad.
He was one solid man, but I think this was his first cycling experience. I never saw him again.

The ride was great, we went out fast and hard. It started uphill and didn't stop. The 70 mi ride climbed 5,105 ft. The LAF messed this one up. I rode with the lead pack for about 25 miles. Fatty was in that pack, it seems living at 5,000 ft and riding up to 8,000ft give one super human strength at sea level. Oh those HUGE muscular thighs didn't hurt. Also in this group was College (Lance's Famous Friend) and Chris Carmichael former Olympian and Lance's coach. There calf's were the size of my thighs.
I new I was going to turn at the 70 mile cut, so no need to kill myself getting there. At mile 30 i began to have some calf cramps. This was very odd , I don't ever recall cramping before mi 85. I had taken my salts before the ride, since I was only doing the 70mi course, i didn't bring any with. I stopped at the 35 mi rest and saw the Pizza kitchen workers making PB & J's. They fed me the night before. At that stop there were 3 other riders. I am assuming split from the front group. I filled one bottle and hit headed out. I wish had the time to do the 100mi but work called. The next 35 miles were solo, as hard as my cramping legs, thighs and calf's would take me. The best part of the ride were by far the last 20 miles. This is were the 45 mi route joined. I was able to ride with many survivors. This by far was the best part. Each one gave me a little more energy to push on. I finished in 3:55

This little Devil was waiting at the top of one of the hills.
Also I would like to give a shout out to the Chick who dropped me on mile 30, Good luck in KONA. Yes, she qualified at the Rhode Island Half with a 4:43 or something. Her calfs were sculpted and she was strong. Just out on a training ride she said.
One more shout out to the guy that threw is chain on the hill at mile 29. That was a smooth landing. He was climbing a 18 percent grade and tried to drop to the bottom ring. In a split second, he was doing the TURTLE on the hill. He popped up hoping no one saw. Man he was Pissed. Sphere: Related Content


  1. Yea, I finally made the blog!
    Those hills were torture - I have never cramped so bad.

    p.s. It's spelled Elden

  2. You better reread the first post Michael. no making fun of spelling, robert's rule #1

  3. What an experience! How did you guys raise so much money?

  4. Hi,
    I recently did the the Philly challenge and have decided to continue the fight by going to Austin. I'm auctioning a set of pink tires like what I rode in Philly and I am writing to ask if you'd help me spread the word about this auction.
    Info is at


  5. (You can actually see me in the picture over there with Philly Jen, I'm the one scratching my head. Hey, cool!)