Friday, November 7, 2008

Follow My Own Advice

Nov 5 - swim 2550 yds
Nov 6 - run 3 mi

Today, I left Jill a comment on her blog. Basically she is considering a coach for the Iditarod. I pushed her to draw on her own experiences and drive to get prepared. I can not imaging paying someone to coach me who has never gone the distance.

I do however think with the mental aspect of such a grueling race, she could stand to speak with a sports psychologist to make sure her mind is prepared.

Now this brings me to my challenge. Swim 1.25 mi, bike 56 mi and run 13.1 mi. I am very lucky to have training buddies like Big B, Dawsons Creek and Humpback Phil. I am only building a base in swimming and running right now and it is time consuming.

I will be leaning on many more training buddies to take me through April. So in advance I wanted to say THANK YOU for pushing me to my goal. Sphere: Related Content

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