Monday, November 17, 2008

One Month Recap

11/12,14,16,17 Swim - 2,300/2,600/1,000/2,650
11/12,13,15 Run - 3/2/3.5
11/11,13,15 Bike - 18/5/16

It is hard to believe it has only been 1 month since I began to train for the ironman. It feels like 3 months have passed. Good news is my body is over the initial aches and pains. I have to be smart and make sure I do not over train.

Hard to believe you could over train for such a long event. I have to listen to my body on heavy work load days. This past Sat. I did a little brick work out for the first time. I ran 2 mi/biked 16/ran 1.5 mi.

I need to step up my run training over the next 4 weeks. Right now I am getting 9 work outs in per week. I need to put in 36 workouts by Dec 13th. this will be the end of my base miles training. Biking is fine, swimming with the masters program has me doing all the right workouts, now all I need is to get focused on my running. My goal the next 4 weeks running is to log 10mi/12mi/12mi/14mi. Then I would have 15 weeks until the Knoxville half marathon. they break down as follows;
week 1 - 3,3,4
week 2 - 3,3,6
week 3 - 4,4,4
week 4 - 3,3,8

I should be able to step up the days by 1 starting late December. I am praying for a mild winter in K-town Sphere: Related Content

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