Friday, September 26, 2008

The Classic

David wins, he gets the grip refresher. Just squeeze and twist!


Many thanks go out to velo friend David this week for inviting me to play in The Classic. This is a fund raiser for Blount Memorial Hospital. Of course I had to accept the challenge.

One issue, I have only played one time this year. I was worried about making a fool of myself. I do not know why I worry, I have never been good at golf. So I went to this outing with low expectations and played above what I expected. Wow this worked out great, I should try this with more of my daily duty's. Aim low and then you are almost guaranteed to overachieve.

Why has it taken me 38 years to find this philosophy? I have always aimed to be the best, and have frequently failed.

This is much better, even with this Blog, I want it to be great not just good.

But today all that changes, today I am ok with just being good. So here are some Pics I snapped at the event, we all had a blast. David, feel free to sign me up for next year.

Make sure and check out the videos,

Josh and the inside out strong draw

Josh, wanted everyone see that he could stop the ball. Nice shot

Jerry knows to Watch, Listen and Learn. Look at the form here Jerry!

Josh, just a bit outside right

Here us the video of Josh's best hit of the day, Just not in the right fairway! Pay close attention to the audio portion, Classic

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1 comment:

  1. Good stuff. The Grip Refresher has served me well.