Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sad day in Knoxvlle

Date 9-2
Todays ride 16 mile
Sept mileage 16
YTD through Aug 3,244

Knoxville is as into football for UT as Ohio is for OSU
Today they are Pissed off and very quiet.

Ok enough with the picking on UT. Today we took a very easy, yes I know strange, ride around the boulevard. I have a sore lower hamstring and others were tired from staying up late watching UT.

I am the one who should be tired, well that is not true Big B should be tired. He is fighting the LA power grid and Gustev. I wonder what kind of stories he will have when he returns.

I can see the headlines now

"Big B Battles 80 mph wind Yet Still Pulls Pace line At 27 mph"

How can we compete. We are not worthy Sphere: Related Content

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