Friday, September 12, 2008

Ryans Playground

9-10 17mi

9-11 40 mi

9-12 14 mi

Mtd 165 mi

When we ride, we each have our little favorite parts of each ride. Today we rode in Ryan's playground! Let me describe Ryan, he rides with us everyday and never rides on the weekend. He has family commitments. I think he is afraid of riding longer than 1 hr. :)

Ryan is a really strong climber and I mean strong, I do not think he knows how strong he is and his playground is filled with ups and downs.

Ryan likes it steep! earlier in the year, we took him out to the foothills parkway and the first time there, he posts 58 min time. This with no one pushing him and no knowledge of the climb.

last night,

I rode the CBC (A/B) ride last night pretending to be a racer again. It had to be shortened due to lack of sunlight.

This ride runs about 21-22 mph average for 43 miles. It is a fast paceline with a couple of sprints. I could not imagine the (A) ride on Tuesdays.

There was a surprise last night, Spiderman returned! Yes, if you remember back from the Tour de Cure ride where I was allowed to ride with the ex Olympian for 85 miles. Well, spiderman was the first of the final four that day to cramp up. He fell off the pace at 65mi or so. He is a strong big man, I would say a solid 190. You would think I would out climb him on this ride, problem with the CBC ride, it is as flat as you will get in Knoxville. 1,700 measly ft of climbing. So spider man has the advantage. Next, our route is modified due to light. Once again, I am at a disadvantage. I will make this short, we approach the last hill, I take off on a sprint and pass spidy saying, "come on spiderman lets go". He replied, "I will go with you". We dropped the other 10 or so riders and raced to the top. Lets just say, the hill was too short for me to win. I felt good about the effort I gave and anyhow, I have already proved on a long ride, I can outlast Spiderman. By the way, his real name is Jeff. And he is a stronger rider than myself.


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