Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Up Up The Hill

Date 15,17,18 and 21st

Milage 16,18,18 and 50

MTD Milage 339

One week from the Atomic man and I decide to go on a hill climbing Sunday ride. How could I turn it down, great weather, two wheels and the GSMP. It just doesn't get better than that.

Two friends of a Knox velo friend were in town for the Big game, you know the one, Florida vs. UT

Turns out they live in south Florida, they are also triathletes. What luck, two flatlanders who want to do some climbing. The plan was to take them on three ways to hill.

The problem was, on Friday, they climbed Butterfly gap and did not want to experience that pain again.

We decided to hit the wall and sweetie pie then regroup and figure out a finish to bring us around 50 or so miles. Here is the pictures I snapped on the start of sweetie pie, 24 degrees half mile bitch. It took me five attempts before I got snapped into my pedals after stopping for these pictures. I almost had to descend.

The camera does not do the grade of this hill justice. I will say, the flatlanders climbed like they were on fire. I do not think they would last on 3 ways to hill, they were too competitive. Each time one would begin to pull away, the other would jump up on his pedals and close down the gap. At the top, I stopped and snapped off a few pictures from the overlook. This is why they are called the Smoky Mountains!

Nothing like riding in this area, any day we choose. Here's a pic of the guys posing like a group that just ascended Alp De Huez

All in all, the ride was great. I got a chance to meet two new velo friends who I have a feeling will be back for some more.

Great job Smoky Mountain Cycling Tours! Sphere: Related Content

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  1. Great pics Robert!! Hate I missed it... but you guys would have dropped me like a bad habit.