Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh my here I go

9-22 18 miles
Mtd 357 mi

I am spending my time this week tapering my training for the AtomicMan this weekend.

As much as I try, I can not seem to get my mind off of buying a mountain bike. Even though I have never ridden around east Tenn.

I am open to all types of bikes, with the constant quality seeming to be lighter the better and 29" wheels. Now with 29ers I already gain weight with more tire and more front fork. Here is a version that is hot in the lead

But then I could go full ridgid picture this frame with a rigid front fork

Now, both of these 29ers I have shown you are single speeds. My mind says I will be mountain biking to gain fitness for road biking. I somehow believe I will be riding with some of the same super strong riders I road bike with. If they are on full suspension carbon beasts, how do I keep up with a single speed? I go up hill faster and they go down hill and ride the flats faster. The area will will be riding in is Haw ridge. Lots of hills and some of the best single track in the southeast.

Do I need to be looking for a Full Beast? I am liking this Giant. I can not afford this bike, nor the Specialized I ran across the other day. One of my velo friends suggested this bike .
Still too much

What ever I end up with, it will be a used bike and a great deal.

craigslist awaits! Sphere: Related Content

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  1. I wouldn't do the rigid. You'll be back on craigslist or at cbc before you know it.

    I do like that Santa Cruz...