Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Decision Time

run 7th - 7mi @ 8:30 pace
10- 5 mi
11th - 3mi
swim 10th - 2,600
11th - 2,750
Bike 9th - 21mi @ 20mph pace

It is getting to be that time where decisions have to be made about the half ironman I am doing. I need you help with a few of them.
1st there is the decision of how to ship my bike to St. croix. Options are, ship via FedEx/ups type shipper or check with the airline. I am leaning checking the bike with the airline. We only have one connection in Atlanta, then it is only a short flight to St. Croix. Does anyone have a container they prefer?
2nd, I am thinking of taking my jersey and putting a WIN SUSAN logo on it. Something simple in design. I would like to see your shirt designs for me? Send me your designs and we will vote on the shirt I wear.
3rd, It is time to decide, do I go hairless or not? Sounds silly, but I am thinking about taking this step. There seems to be an argument for both sides! Once again, I am looking for your thoughts.

I thought I would give a short training update. I have been feeling good the past 3 weeks. no real injuries and all three sports are coming along. I do however find myself in need of some running coaching. I run a race pace 5k at around 22min. I need to get faster for the shorter distance tri's in the area. I need to be able to post 19-20 min 5k. Any thoughts? I am running a half marathon 3/21 and plan to run at 8 min/mi pace.
Also, something interesting happened yesterday. I was looking up last years results in St. Croix and the guy who finished 3rd in my age group, is an old freind. His father and my father grew up together on the same street in Weirton, Wv. Turns out he has been completing in triathlons for over a decade, and is very good. He won the top us amature last year in Soma. I am trying to track down his contact info, looks like he has completed the 70.3 in st Croix the past 3 years. never finishing below 20th overall. Sure would be nice to have someone I know there to run it with.
lastly, I thought I would share some pics that were sent to me this weekend.

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  1. I'd check with a bike shop about shipping your bike. They can take it apart, pack it up, and ship it to a bike shop on St. Croix that can put it back together and have it ready for you when you get there....also..hairless is the way to go.

  2. #1 I would ship via the Bike shop like David suggests. One thing I have learned from a fishing trip a 10 years ago where I had to ship my fishing equipment. The shipment was late. I had a 3 day fishing trip with no equipment for the first 1.5 days. You should ship your bike a week early and have the Bike shop reassemble it.

  3. Oh yeah, you got to go hairless on the legs, chest and arms. Everywhere else don't matter.

    As for the Shirt you could get a lot of attention is you put something on it like "St Crox Sucks" but not sure it would turn out good. I would say put on your shirt whatever motivates you when strangers scream it at you. Like "Run BOB" or "Almost there". I prefer something with my name because you will know they are screaming at you.

  4. I like the shirt ideas Phil

    I need some designs

  5. No need to shave, you have no hair on your body anyways...