Friday, February 27, 2009

What Is Next

I have had a rough day, I have been running on empty all day.

The longer I travel on this journey, the more I question my training and prep. I think it is time, no I know it is time to get a coach.

Now that I know this, where do I find one. Knoxville is not a hot bed of triathletes. The best and only pro I know is in Australia training. Sure there are many online training services, but I would feel more comfortable working with someone I could see and who could see me.

options here

as you can see this is a big decision

Help me please. Let me know you thoughts on a coach or nutritionist.

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  1. Nutritionist or coach!!!??? You have trained enough that you will be able to finish the event, I have no doubt. Is it your goal to win the event? I suppose your winnings ($$$) from the event could be used to pay for a nutritionist or a coach...or maybe your sponsor will hire a nutritionist or coach for you???
    Your Freind the SmartAss

  2. One site I was looking on let you search for USAT certified coaches by area and it even told you their fees. I think it was or
    Hope this helps.