Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Catch Up

MTD summary

swim - 13150 m

Run - 61mi

cycle - 175mi

Oh the second year in a row that February has been tough on the numbers. Every year I have a week in Orlando for work. You would think it would be easy to get in some great mileage. No So!

Ok, I managed to run 3 out of 4 days, but only 5, 3 and 4 miles. TIME - how to find more of it?

This is a funny thing, because my main job these days is just that, looking for ways to make a retail company more efficient. labor is 59% of our expenses at 220mm.

Time to catch up, I need to really step up the training for the next 7 weeks. I really need to log some serious miles on my bike. I need some long steady distance rides.

I did find myself in a 5k run his past weekend for work. 41 runners, and I get beat by my brother-in-law "The Gazelle" as we in the family refer to him. He posted 19:53 and I followed at 20:12

I felt a little bad after that effort. My ave heart rate was 174 bpm my max is 182 that's a 95.6%
I think I need to work on my breathing :)

Enough of this lousy rant, its time to go back to the gym. Sphere: Related Content

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