Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Blues

I found this blog today and this post is perfect. So perfect, I had to share it with you.
I feel this way after 5 workouts by Wednesday. Smelly, sore and beat down.

Now is the time when certain things start to play through my head... mainly - "quit, you're tired... you're old, no one seems to care much anymore anyways." WHAT? Where is this crazy talk coming from and who is this other person living inside my skin that would think so negatively?Do you ever feel this way?Exhausted - beat down - unable to think straight?Well stop it already!This is the moment when you have to dig deep. Find just that one little piece of inspiration and hold it closely to your heart. Kind of like a good-luck penny I suppose.

What's yours? What inspires you? What gives you hope and motivates you?Whatever it is - it belongs to you! And you own it. I think that this place that you're in, you know, the one where you just want to give in because it's starting to get a little hard (perhaps physically, maybe even mentally) is the determining factor as to what will happen next and the person that you are.

I tell my own kids this all the time. Go ahead and quit when it gets hard, but if you decide to stick with it and grit your teeth and push through - you'll come out even stronger than you went in and that's the difference between just being good and being the best!Every moment is a learning opportunity. I love that.

There's so much to learn. We should never stop learning - we should always strive to be better... even if that means working through the tough times to get to that point.You can do it! And actually - luck has nothing to do with it. Sphere: Related Content


  1. Does this apply to your golf game???

  2. why don't you have jennifer put a link to your blog on her facebook page and maybe more people will view and follow????