Monday, February 9, 2009


week 1 of Feb.

Bike - 86mi

Swim - 2,500y

Run - 21 mi

Bad week for swimming, I missed two workouts. Still got 9 workouts in but feel bad about swimming.

This past weekend was an especially busy one for the family. Both boys were in there ens of season basketball tournaments. Olivia, had a game also and then her and I were scheduled to go to the daddy daughter dance.

The daddy daughter dance, I know you all are oohing and awing right now. This is at least the fourth time we have gone. This time, we were going out to dinner with a group of dads and then off to the dance. Olivia was very excited and even bought a new dress and purse.

Dinner was at Rafferty's in Knoxville. My first time there, not bad at all.

The Dance was at Cokesbury Methodist, a Friends church. Really first class dance. The thing is, after 4-5 times a veteran daddy dance dad, I thought I knew it all. But at this dance I picked up a lot of advice I just have to share.
First as you see below in the picture of these two dads. Wearing the correct size pants to store all the needed Daddy essentials is #1 on the list. These dads carried 1 set of heels, camera, sweater, wallet, tickets, purse and camcorder. Thank goodness it was a warm night.

Next, I spotted the dancing king, This man has moves like I have never seen before. Notice in the beginning of the video the cool attitude he displays. Then all of a sudden he jumps into the dance, not to get too close to the action, but just enough to tell his girl, Daddy's got moves!!!

Then, #1 lesson learned at the daddy daughter dance, you can dance too much and too hard. This man had his heart rate up to the 170 range. Come to think of it, this type of sweat on a date could never be a good thing. All you single guys, this is also for you.

Last but not least, the biggest lesson learned is that once daughters turn 9, they really are too cool to dance with there dads anymore. it wasn't till close to the end before Olivia cam up to me and said, "daddy lets dance". We gad danced earlier in the night, but then it was girlfriend time. It is good to know, there is always a dance for dad.

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