Friday, August 22, 2008

The easy ride

Fridays ride 17 miles

August MTD 396

I know I shouldn't complain about what kind of ride I am able to get in at lunch, I should just be happy to ride. The group has this long list of "easy rides" we do at lunch. Somehow we always start off at a fast pace up papermill and never ease up. One day I made everyone ride in there small ring the entire ride. It is too easy to over train by going too hard all the time. We usually get around 18 miles in during the 1 hr ride. Even I can do that math, we average around 18 miles an hour. That is high considering we ride entirely in Knoxville city limits.

Today was a fun ride around the boulevard over to market sq. and back middlebrook. The food at the sq smelled too good. once again going past Ruth Chris I spotted my new ski boat.

We also had another Revelation today. We decided on a nickname for Tony. (He can be seen in the last post to the left of "Big B")

We will now refer to him as "Virtual Tony"

he rides with us in the virtual world of Tony. Sphere: Related Content

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  1. The stationary is an easy ride. Just knowing I am riding and all the other wanna-be's are getting fat. Someday soon they will all wish they could ride as well as Big B.