Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain and riding

Aug 25 and 26th - 30 miles inside

MTD - 450

Two days inside riding on a trainer sucks! I am not sure if it is the feeling of being stationary or the lack of the cooling breeze but either way it sucks. Each day I have stuggled through a 15 mile indoor ride with Big B.

last night james had his opening game against CAK of knoxville. For those who are not in Knox. CAK stands for Christian Acadamy of Knoxville. Dad was excited and Mom was even more. We lost focus on the first defensive stand and they scored. After 4 qtrs the score was still 6-0. Oh well, the kids played hard and gave it there all.

I really am hoping for good weather tommorrow but it doesn't look good

Looks like a long week of riding the trainer Sphere: Related Content

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