Sunday, August 31, 2008

OSU Vs Youngstown St

Yesterday, the entire family went to campus and enjoyed a great tailgate party with the Manahan family. They have had this tailgate in place for over 15 or so years. Each year it seems to get large and larger.
James spent the pregame running around looking for the Big Nut. The last game James was at, the big nut, who is also from Fremont like the Manahans, gave James the buckeye necklace he is wearing.

Here are the hero's of the day. Louanne, the queen of the tailgate and mother of Scott, Jerry and Lisa. Many say Tom, Louannes other half started this tailgate, but we all know without Louanne these kids would have never grown so big.

Look at that sandwich Jerry is dishing up. He also has special "Jerry punch" it will knock you down.

Where is Todd Blackledge???
Jennifer, Lisa, John and the kids stayed at the tailgate while james and I attended the game. They went to the alumni house to watch the game and managed to find some souvenirs. I made sure to get James to the field to watch the band enter. Lucky us, it was alumni band week. Buckeye fans know what that means, 4 script OHIO's.

Here are some of the pics I took inside the Shoe

Four Script OHIO's

I do believe James was impressed!

Final score OSU wins 43-0

they have not lost to a school from Ohio since 1921

Justin, the number 1 fan
Justin and I spent soem time throwing football, and watching people. He is becoming a good thrower and catcher. He seems to be getting over his fear of the ball.

On the way out, john and I bumped into an Ohio State fan that had to pose with!
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