Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Blog

I am not sure how this has happened. I have been reading Fatty and Jill for over a year and now I am attempting this? What make me believe anyone would ever care to read about my adventures of life. I am sure my mom would keep up with the posts but who else.

I am a guy who has logged around 3,000 miles on a bike since January. I would like to finish the year around 5,200. I am definitely stronger than I was at the beginning of this adventure. Visit my profile to see my beginning picture 2 yrs ago. Since then I am 55 or so pounds lighter and feeling great. I completed 4 centuries this year. This first one was the 3-state/3-mountain challenge in Chattanooga,Tn. Great ride, tough last hill. First time I almost pushed my bike.

the second was the Tout De Blount in Townsand. Two friends and I managed to ride the previous years route on the last 35 miles. yes , in our minds we finished ahead of everyone! Then came the Tour De Cure for the American Diabietes Association. Lets paint a picture of this day, 98 degrees and I am riding with a group who contains an former USA Olympian Kent Bostick. I am riding way over my head, he pulls us the entire ride sometimes I llok down at my garmin and think something is broken. How could this pace continue. We stopped about mile 53 for what seemed like forever but was really 13 min. break. Then we headed back out only 7 or so riders left in the bunch. After 10 or so miles it was down to three. A co-worker riding buddy and Kent. I can call him that now after spending this long behind him. I am feeling great and amazed at how strong my body is feeling. I however have ran out of water and the next rest stop is not for 10 miles. This would not usually be a problem, I ride a lot and do a good job of staying hydrated. Today however, it seems lie the hotest day of the year. I am melting! Next problem, as we approachd the rest stop, Kent who yes was still pulling, did not see the bountiful blessings and rode right by the stop. I let out a sigh or a moan. I had a big mental break at this point. My riding buddie Bill gave me some water and Endurolytes . I now have began to cramp at mile 75. I managed to hang and we made it to the last stop at mile 85. This make two stops for the ride. Good news, I refill my water bottles and stuff my face with as many banannas as possible in 4-5 mins. Yes, we only stopped for 4-5 mins. There was no shade and Kent seemed like he had to go. So we went! Or should I say, they went I followed. We headed out and down toward Milton Hill dam and began to climb up and out. St this point , my entire body bagan to cramp. I could still pedal but no where near the power or cadance to keep up with Kent and Bill. I decided it was a good day and I would limp home form here. On my way, I ran into a couple of friends along the route. The 50 and 75 mile rides come together at the last 15. I first came up riding pal Kim and then Andy and Sam. Finished 5:28 and 7727 ft climbed

Next was the granddaddy of the year The Cherohala Challange 114 miles of love and two wheels.

7:06 and 10,253 ft climbed. I am saving the ride details, they are personal.

So as you can see this year has been very eventful from a cycling standpoint. I am still heavy into traing. I am part of a coed tri team who will be doing the Atomicman half Ironman in late Sept. I will be riding 56 miles af fast as possible without a tri-bike. My goal is to have fun and ride under 3hrs. I am excited my cousin from Texas is coming up to do the swim portion and visit with us for the weekend. Rounding out the team is co-worker Phil. Sphere: Related Content

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