Friday, August 22, 2008

Two laps on Neyland

Thursday ride 18 miles

August total 379

Today started out like any other luch ride. Wait, I should mention I have a wonderful opertunity to ride during the lunch hour. Quickly after starting the ride I realized I would be talking about my riding companions in this blog. Should they have nicknames? If so, would I make them up? So without many of the riders knowing I am even writing this blog, I began to think of cool nicknames for each rider. Today only one rider was named. He is none other than Big B. He is the one on the right in this picture. Tony is the rider on the left. I have spent a lot of time with Big B this year, he and I rode the 3 state together. I like just using the letter B because you can change the meaning at any time. One day he could be Big Boy, the next he could be Big and Bold or maybe one day Big Badass. I do not know, I like keeping my option open.
Last night my wife read the blog for the first time. She felt like I needed to proof read it before posting. No time honey, spell check and perfect grammer is only good for those who applied themselves during school. My teachers made that perfectly clear at every parent teacher conference.
Well, back to the ride. We ride form my office over to Tenn. University and do a loop 2 times. The football team was having a scrimmage this afternoon and traffic was a little heavy. I am starting to get football fever. James, my son had a scrimmage game last night. He played well, and gave great effort. He is playing running back and Linebacker.
off to work

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