Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday Pizza Ride

Friday is finally here, we are doing something that the group has never done. We have planned to ride downtown eat a couple of slices at Tomatohead and ride back to work. Imagine this, eat lunch during the lunch hour.

Wait, I get ready to ride and no, we are not going for pizza, I am informed by David and Andy that we have to meet Ryan and ride lyons bend. Why I ask, and get some lame excuse. You see my legs are like jello and have been training hard for the Atomic Half iron man. I was ready both physically and mentally for pizza. I will make this short, we completed a 21 mile sprint that climbed around 2,500 ft.

I am now toast and will enjoy the weekend in Columbus "GO Buckeyes" Sphere: Related Content


  1. ..."virtual pizza" handmade by "virtual Tony."

    I can't believe I fell for it.