Monday, December 15, 2008

Big News / Tired Body

12-13 Bike 25 miles
Ran 5 mile
12-14 Bike 35 mile
Swim 1 mile
YTD Cycling mileage 4,317

Today, after working over my body for two days, I awoke to an email form Jill. Yes, I mean Jill from "Up In Alaska"

The same Jill, I tried to keep up mileage with over the summer. I failed miserably! She has signed the books and they are on the way to Knoxville. Remember, every $5 donation to Fight cancer in the name of Susan, gains an entry for the book raffles.

Click Here to enter

On a side note, the kids are all on basketball teams this year. Yes, three different teams and 4 games per weekend. Justin and Olivia are both in there first year and James is on a competitive team this year. They are all having a blast. Jennifer and i spend most of the weeknights running to practices and nearly the whole weekend at games. I can not believe I was able to fit 4 workouts in this weekend.
I have figured out something, I need to use a wet suit in the 70.3 any ideas on style or brand fro my loyal two readers? Sphere: Related Content

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