Thursday, December 18, 2008

So Many Questions

Dec 15 - cycle 35 mi/swim 1550m
Dec 16 - run 3 mi
Dec 17 - swim 1700m
Dec 18 - run 5 mi cycle 20mi

When I began this adventure, I new I would face many questions along the way. I just didn't realize how many! Lately I have been struggling with the question of how much training is right for 4.5 months out? How fit should I be? Am I feeling too tired?

All of these start my mind wandering about this event. I thought I would list some of my questions. Any help with these from the open masses of readers would be great.

Am I training enough in the pool
Do I need a dedicated Tri coach
wet suit or no wet suit
if wet suit, full/half or sleeveless
if wet suit which brand/model
Am I eating enough
should I begin to throw in some strength training
if so, is two days a week enough
can I work out on my own or do I need a motivator
do I shave my legs or not
how am I going to get 500 road miles in January
yes 500 very hard, 50% will have to be on the trainer
400 in Feb tough due to short month weather and work
400 in march easy with the Knoxville weather
375 in April
How will my legs feel after riding the 56
can I run at a 8:45 pace for 13.1
can I run 8:15
two water bottles on the bike or one
what to eat on the bike
I have never had to run 13.1 after 56 mile ride
I am leaning toward 300 calories and water
100 at mile 10,18 and 35-40
How hot will it be for the run 85
Open water ocean swim oh my, I am in trouble

I can continue this for hours
As you can see, I am a mess and the event is 4.5 month away. Never mind I have to get to the US Virgin Islands with my wife and Bike! I need to focus on the Knoxville half marathon. It runs sometime in late March. It seems so little compared to the 70.3
Yesterday I found out a worker at River Sports is an Ironwoman. I may ask her to train with me, or at least share some experiences and learned lessons.

Sorry of the rant Sphere: Related Content

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  1. Hey man...It's John Barnes. Glad to see training is going well and your questions are normal. You've got plenty of time, so listen to your will tell you when you need a break from training or more sleep.

    Regarding your questions..your pool time is fine for 1/2...try open water in April; I'd wait on a coach; get a wetsuit..always use when allowed; I like full, but some say it's too restrictive-try on before buying; strength train once a week; add speed work days and hill days to running regimen; two bottles on bike; I use Cliff Shot Blocks, Hammer gels and Heed on bike, but try different things while training; 300 calories and water should be fine-might put salt tablets in water; finally...relax and enjoy're living life and it's fun!