Monday, December 8, 2008

One Big Step In Training

YTD 4,061 miles Biking

I have came to the realization, 5,200 miles is not happening this year. It seems like such an easy goal, only 100 miles per week. I am ok with this, since I have dedicated so much time to the other sports I am trying to master. I am also a weather weenie. Yes, it is true, I hate the rain. I can not pull myself onto a bike in the rain. Oh well on another note,

I had a large breakthrough today in swimming. To most, this is going to seem small. I mean really small, but to those who have been in my flippers, you know.

Today I swam 850 yds of the 2,550 yd workout with out the aid of flippers or paddles. Yes just my own two hands and feet.

Last month I swam 25,000 yds during 11 workouts. I would assume December to come in pretty close. We will be off from Dec. 20th - Jan. 4th. I want to put in 30,000 yds in January. If I can make that happen, I should be feeling pretty good. By then I hope to be swimming the workout with fins only when the workout demands.

By the way, I also ran 41 miles last month. Just the beginning, but at least my knees are not hurting anymore.

PS - Phelps missed a workout today. I hope it was too cold in ILL for him to run. Phil, Mike and I need all the help we can get. Sphere: Related Content

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