Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas and Chicago

12/27- Run 6 mi
Bike 10mi
Ab work
12/28 - Run 3 mi
Swim 1,100 m
Ab work
12/29 - Run 5.5 mi
Swim 1,450m
Bike 18 mi
Ab work

Ok you might be wondering how these two come together. For the past 18 or so years, my wife and I have spent Christmas in Chicago. This year we did something different. We spent Christmas in Knoxville and then headed off to Chicago to visit relatives. We let the children decide where they wanted to celebrate. Here are some pics from the morning.

Now for a couple crazy pics from Chicago. If you have nightmares from scary things, please do not look at the next couple of pics.

Two young goblins from the Grinch

Here are the new Home Owners! Jenn's brother and other.
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