Friday, December 12, 2008

Great News!!!

I should have titled this as Great Idea. Because I have just stole an idea from Fatty. That is right, he is always having reffles to drum up blog activity. The latest, is to raise 1,000,000.00 in Susan , his wifes, name.

Most of the readers of this blog know about the Fat Cyclist For those who do not, please click here

Ok now you know why I have to raise money to fight this disease. I could not imagine going through years of torture this family has had to endure. The thought of losing Jennifer and the children's reactions to losing their mother would destroy my spirit. I am riding in Philly this year (Livestrong Challenge) and raising over 1,000 for the cause all in the name of SUSAN.

Now for the great idea. I have purchased, not yet received, two copies of the hottest book yet to be named to the Oprah's book club must reads.
Here is the books description;
Most sports become inspirational when extraordinary people excel at ordinary things. In ultra-endurance racing, ordinary people must excel at extraordinary things. "Ghost Trails" is the true story of an ordinary person - timid, nonathletic, raised in the suburbs of Salt Lake City - and her unlikely route to one of the most difficult winter bicycle races in the world, a 350-mile epic along Alaska's frozen Iditarod trail. Through her struggles and intimate confrontations with her fears and weaknesses, she discovers the surprising destination of her life's trails.

Its Title is Ghost Trails you can read more from the author by clicking on the title. Her name is Jill Homer, and I only wish I could have the mental edge she has.

Ok now for the extra special news, Jill is going to send signed copies. I have ask her to write something special about the fight for SUSAN.

So here it is, simple contest for the books every $5.00 you donate, you get an entry into the raffle. The drawing will be April 1st. I am so pumped up about this idea. I may even buy a Fatty Jersey to throw into the mix.

To donate and have a chance at the ever growing list of prizes, click here
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