Wednesday, April 22, 2009

History Repeats Itself!

Last night I threw caution to the wind. I know, what crazy adventure am I about to describe?

Let me bring you up to speed, about a month ago, I saw that an old friend was a very successful Triathlete. So much so, he won the US National Amateur Title in 08' ! Yes, that is fast
His name Vinnie Monseau
During my review of his races, I find that he has done St Croix many times and has been very successful. So last night, I decide I would call 411 and track down Vinnie.

Not to my amazement, because Vinnie was always a stand up guy, he phoned me back last night. We spent 30-40 mins talking about the race and me asking him silly rookie questions.
Funny, 32 years ago, not sure if Vinnie will remember this or not, my parents decided to take me to West Liberty State College to attend wrestling camp. yes, I was just heading into 2nd grade. I think it was for a weekend but maybe for a week. The only reason they even took me there was for Vinnie's Hall of fame, father. You see, my father had grown up down the street from Vinnie's in Weirton, Wv. upon arriving to the camp, my father made sure to introduce me to Vinnie and his dad. I can't remember much about that camp but I am sure they looked after me.
How history repeats itself, jump forward 32 yrs and Vinnie is once again offering his advice and help in the St. Croix 70.3
I will never be able to repay he or his wife for their time and hospitality. but wanted to take this chance, in advance, to thank them! Sphere: Related Content

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