Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Longest Week Ever

The overall results came in from the Trideltathon:
Phelps 9th
Me 15th
Phil 117th

Great job boys. We have picked up another competitor for the next tri, The Birdman
Some say he glides like a pigeon, others say he eats like one.
We will see which one shows up at the end of May.

I so many things to do this week and it seems to be just creeping by. I am in what ever mode and I am just taking things in stride.
I could list some 40 things I need to do before we fly out on Sat. I just want to get there and begin to enjoy this trip.
I did a 4mi run yesterday and felt strong. I pushed the last mile and my legs responded. I really think I am ready for this event. If I survive the swim, I expect a respectable finish.

The truth is, I have never swam in open water. I am a certified scuba diver and am comfortable in the ocean. I believe more so than dark lakes, but that is where the boogie man lives we all know that. So, the swim is a crap shoot. I have my wet suit, good by Kona, hello survival. I will take a practice swim or two when I get to the island. Other than that, I have searched the intranet for advice and of course there is plenty. Like golf, just relax and let your body do the trick from memory. When all else fails turn over and backstroke. Sphere: Related Content

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