Thursday, April 16, 2009

It Is Official!

I have a new favorite blog. You have to check out this young ladies posts about her life and training. Her name is Bree Wee. You can check out her blog site here.
The really exciting news is she is also competing in St Croix. I am sure, I will only catch a glimpse of her backside. Unless, I cut the swim short.

The bad news is Craig Alexander caught wind I was racing this year, and decided he wanted no part of me. He will not be there this year. Looks like it is now my race to lose? HAHAHA
Here she is, riding in St Anthony's. This race is next weekend. Eric Bell from Knoxville is making his Pro debut in this race. Good Luck Eric!
I also think an old wrestling friend from WV, Vinnie Monseau might be racing in both. He won the Best in the US amateur last year.
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  1. That is so weird, I stayed up last night and caught up on Bree Wee! She is so open and funny, I love to read about her life and training. Plus, she has the cutest son.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am totally flattered, completely laughing right now... many mahalos for your kindness...

    yep, I will be at St. Croix... the awards party is on the other side of the island but really beautiful, everyone meets there so I am sure we will meet in real life...

    Hope your training is going great...
    And thanks again.