Monday, April 13, 2009

New Profile Picture

Hows does everyone like my new profile picture? Why you ask? Let me tell you, it just happened. One day I woke up with this new hair dew. I think it has something to due with my training. I have completed my 6th month of triathlon specific training. Yes, I said 6 months.

How did I get to this point? Lets review
Last year I formed a coed relay team for the Atomicman Half Ironman. You can review the results via this link. Well, if the link actually had 2008 results listed vs the duathlon. Racedayevents is sometimes challenged. We came in second place coed division. We then laid down the challenge. We would all return in Sept 09' to compete solo.

I knowing, how much training I needed, decided to try an event earlier than next Sept.

This is how I began the search for a 70.3
It just so happens the St Croix event is on my birthday. It is also my 15th year married to my wonderful wife Jennifer. I would post her pic, but she would make me remove it tonight. So off we go to St Croix for 2 weeks! Not to rub it in but check out the resorts we will be staying at
The first week we will be at the Divi and then onto the secluded Carambola.
Carambola Beach resort

Divi Carina
How do I even focus on training?
I made up my mind I was going to have a respectable finish. What this means depends on who's shoes you are in. I will be honest, I started off hoping to finish under 6hrs, now i hope to come in around 5:45. I have no idea what it will be like to swim in open water or the ocean. Oh shit, that is the first thought every time I think about it.

This is when I began laying out a training plan. I decided I would train and run the half marathon in Knoxville as a pre-race event. I did, and finished 24th in my age group, 178 overall, in the top 10% range. Respectable first race.

Now less than 7 days away, I will compete in my first ever Triathlon. Yes, you read correctly my first ever triathlon. A very short, all out sprint version. 400m swim, 6mi bike and 5k run. Each event alone would be an all out effort. But together, how will I pace myself? This is the question of the week. I am racing Phelps, you know him.
Here is a pic of his back, notice the webbed shape, this makes him 1:45 faster than me in a 400m swim. This means I will have to flatten his tire while he warms up! the bet, a cycling jersey of his choice from the guys at Twin Six They put out the best jerseys and t-shirts. I looked the other day into my nice t-shirt drawer and it was full of Twin Six shirts.
Phillis, our other training partner has wimped out and will no longer compete in the Trideltathon. Yes, the beginner triathlon, the one 80 yr olds do. He is not mentally strong enough to swim 400m. yes, I know, every 50m you get a chance to hold the wall and rest. He sill claims he just cant do it!
Here he is practicing his Boob swim technique

I think that brings you up to speed on my training, that reminds me we started off talking about my new profile picture.
You see, after 6 months, 121,000m swam, 1,750 mi biked and 300mi ran
I have decided I like Hamburger. More importantly Wendy's single with cheese, ketchup/mayo only.

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